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AuthorEverything about .ru
check your army to see if your recruit no increase. i can't :) i am lvl 4 there..
so far I've only seen the recruit increase for elves...
Saw on knights they increased some troops too, or it just 17lv have so much of them :), but yeah only for elves they increased number of troops greatly.
This update really sucks for Barbs and DE
I dont think so. Now they have get attack bonus if they wait.
No increase for DE?
Prefer magic defense for barb. Let player choose, like with primary points.
No increase for DE? DE troops increased , Demon are the only function don't have any increase
Wizards did not get any additional troops either. someone please confirm? cos my wizard character there, didn't notice much change.
I heard RU server just got an update..
is that true??
for coolahed:
1.yes we can scroll through ATB bar.
2.barbs racial ability changed from magic resistance to "preparing for attack".In this if a creature doesn't attacks it does an increased damage in the next turn.The damage is increased by 5%*barb racial.max.upto 50%.
3.and from lvl 9 to 17 lords troops have been increased except demons and wiz(not sure about wiz)
and do you think these updates will come here?
yep, possible in 2020, admins are very lazy here....:P
but they will come eventually right?
yep, possible in 2020, admins are very lazy here....:P may be tomorrow.... if they plan to celebrate anniversary here
Let's cross our fingers and hope then^^
MAN why its not increase troop of wiz and demon i have full castles only in them
It sucks for barbs because they loose to wisard nov and all of the creachers and heroes can use full strenght magic on them. It sucks for DE because their skills compleatly nonusfull
i think barb will be more powerful in high lvl now....they lose there advantage v/s wiz but gain adv against all other....
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