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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
Guys... No bashing of the Russians here, please. Be nice.
for Takesister:
I take it easy)))
But what is really strange that server is still down.
But I was right - there was a DDOS attack on .ru
And it is still active...
for Doomknight561:

You suspect a DDoS Attack, hmmm, are you the cause of it ? :D
wat is DDos attack plz tell i want to complete small tourney

Alexander (adm) 1 12/05/2011 00:11:49
A recent server unavailability due to DDos attack on the game server. Attack continues, including Game performance is not guaranteed. Dangling a small tournament bouts will be reset.

Thanks. work.
DDos attack continues
I thought it's from my bad connection, but I know real problem now.

Thank everyone, for information. :)
i didnt connect to russion server
what me doing?
for RussionElf:
only wait for now...
for Dagoth-ur:
? didnt undenstend

understand now??
From the announcement at log in:

Problems with game

Dear players, the game server is currently under DDOS attack. In connection with what can be observed many problems with performance and access to the game.
We are doing everything possible that would be as soon as possible to restore the game.

Please treat with understanding.
CAlling all heroeswm dwarf players level 7 and above!

please add me as friend in heroeswm under my name mega0impact
i need to find people in heroeswm i can talk to in english!!!!
need advice on dwarf playing also!

You can post your questions here... What do you need to know?
if somebody got account on .ru or got contact with Alexander then pm him that on www.trophymanager.com they had DDOS attack too, and now they solved problems, it was hard time for game so Alexander can ask their admins how to repair it
so it was really a D-dos attack?

thanks to who did that!
Lol over 7k people logged onto .ru server it says.....pooor pooor server
minor tourney has been forzen. i hope it does not get reset. because i have already 7 wins
[Player banned by moderator Magier until 2011-05-12 13:29:32 // Flood]
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