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AuthorEverything about .ru
I've also seen a wierd liz that makes damage to enemy stacks when it passes through an adjacent tile of the enemy stack, for DE.
Also there is a goblin riding a wild bork too, for barbs.
Russian server.. hmmm
The rewards have been introduced there.

i got baton goblin with 53 durability woot!!
Great more updates on Russian:) hope they come here soon!
What's is this day ?

I see some decoration at manu, and see Soviet symbol in Tavern card game page.
new mini event, attack of steppe barbaruans

I believe these attacks occur at x:16 and x:46

1 09/05/2011 4:00:00
Dear players!

The victory over the rebels on the eve of May 9, rather symbolic, but it is even impossible to compare with the victory of which is devoted to this day. It was the great victory of all time, it by no means be forgotten, on the contrary, it must be remembered about her need to know and pass this knowledge on to future generations with the hope that they would never allow a repetition of that terrible war.

We want to congratulate all of you on the Victory Day and ask not to remain indifferent to this date. Congratulate on the occasion of their loved ones. And especially those who are older and probably personally witnessed or participated in those events, because for them this victory means a hundredfold more than anyone else. And our attention to you - the best gift for them that day.

On this day:
Tavern treats everyone who came hero free drinks;
, On the borders of the empire are seen attacking heroes (artifacts required, safe areas: the capital of the Empire and the East River);
In-character information is added to achieve the previous two events (the repository of undead and demons portals).

Happy Holidays!

Will there be a new faction of Steppe Barb?
for Vampirer:
It's great day
It is a day of victory
The sun rose higher and higher into the clear sky in all its glory, its rays shining greatness into the Imperial lands. This is a new day that has come upon us, a day that carries a sense of serene lightness.

"How nice to still wake up the morning chirping of birds, rather than the sounds of battle horns" - flashed through the head of the magistrate, as he opened up his eyes after a sound sleep. For the first time in a long time, he allowed himself to enjoy a few relaxing minutes of doing nothing. Grammy really would have liked to start to work on the papers and reports on his desk, but the mood in the air was so festive that he just didn't feel like work.

And indeed, this wonderful day, truly deserves to be a holiday, but, unfortunately, it is not the job of the magistrates to choose the holidays in the Empire. And yet, he could yet perform something, some gift to all the heroes. His job description was to appoint tournament days, and that he definitely intended to do. After all,was not the best holiday for real heroes to perform exciting battles in front of thousands of admiring spectators?

Heroes, today at 20:00, we will start the 12th Minor tournament. Do not miss the opportunity to come together in memorable duels with the best heroes of the Empire. There will be prize money, a good amount of factional skill points and Commanders' Guild points for everyone that joins.
.ru seems to be overloaded and down right now. what are you experiences?
i hope it goes down forever!
for Atheros:
kind one xD

May be, there's a DDOS attack? O_o
for Atheros:
lol... i dont want too many crazy smart dudes in this server... go back to ru u guys LOL
for xWounded:
so u are afraid of us? xD
It's a pleasant thing to hear)))
No overload.Normal.this is(may be)elictrical power problem:)
for Cellovek:
I can't even exit the game! I try to do it from 23:00!!!
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // No it doesn't]
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Nope]
[Player banned by moderator Magier until 2011-05-12 18:40:22 // Flood - relapse]
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