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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
russian is down wooooooooooooooooot!!
online now
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // 1.5, 2.2 and 2.6 of the forum rules]
[Player banned by moderator Magier until 2011-05-23 10:56:23 // 1.5, 2.2 and 2.6 of the forum rules - warning]
for Wurmtog:
i did nothing wrong so please ban or stop treating us like that.. we are not in china! >:|
Won't your post insult the people in China?

OK, people. Stick to topic please. And do not discuss moderator action here, bring it up to Secretary.
we are not in china!

Both china and Russia has a very low level democracy and also I high level of censorship. So yes a Russian server can very well be compared to a Chinese.

When that is said, I think the admins and moderators have been very fair, we only lack admin activity on .com server ;o)
of course i do not insult chinese peopple. but they dont not have much freedom of speech and so on..
actually i do not like to insult anybody. i get moderated a lot anyways. because they can :)
by the way i like talking about .ru, but sometimes i forget that mentioning another topic can result in a punishment. it is only natural that during conversations and discussions the topic switch a bit. still .ru is te main topic of course. i would not want to discuss about the mods until they hit me in the face for ne real reason. i'm still too lazy to contact secratacy because i think it would be childish. and since this is not my place i have not much to complain about. let them do what they want anyways.

i'm glad that the .ru page is online and working again. they say they changed the ip.. and it seems like they seriously want to fend that ddos attack off. i wonder why they are attacked anyway? maybe they fired an employee and he got angry for it ;))

we also get 130% fsp until the end of the minor tourney.

also there are now 4vs4 possible in group battles. thats new, isnt it?
Dear players,
More than 10 days, our server was subjected to DDOS attacks, which negatively affected the performance game. Sometimes everything works fine, but sometimes come into play was impossible. We ask your understanding to what happened. We have taken some measures, and hope that the next attack, the server will withstand more worthy. Please keep in mind that the game has changed Ip address to Change of address of players can take up to 4 days. If you or someone you know can not get into the game, try to visit the link

In recognition that you have been all this time with us and supported us in the game until 25 May inclusive, declared the following bonuses:

1) Ability fraction of 30% more than in all the battles;
2) Everyone who came into the game in May, added / extended license a hunter for 10 days;
3) Quick (automobile) group battles 4 on 4.

Thank you.

Actually, we should be glad .ru is there. Sure, they get more attention, but they must actually be the ones that "pay" the most, by far, for global updates that benefit both servers (graphics updates, sound, ...). We would probably not have that much if there were no .ru server.
that right thrake. and anyone can start a character on .ru if they like. its better than to be envious all the time
who want.. i have two char there, seldom plays, i like this server, here at least i can communicate with some people, rather playing in an alien world
sexy aliens <3
sexy aliens <3

No pics, no proof :P

Ive tried to play on .ru too, but definitly people arent welcoming there.
Disgraceful lot on the server. Almost every battle I have played in the auto-wars sees multiple players using full arts/enchants in clearly marked min OA battles.

I can't read Russian but managed to find the min arts battles quite easily. Can we say no honor?

Seeing how a major company conducted itself in the contest for the best game last year by openly cheating, I shouldn't be too shocked.

Disgraceful lot on the server. Almost every battle I have played in the auto-wars sees multiple players using full arts/enchants in clearly marked min OA battles.

I agree. I just had someone come into a min ap fight in an enchanted full BB set... Wierd. Waste of gold, if you ask me
that wouldn't be different on .com if it wa bigger.
your kinda saying me russians have no honor? and you have? your country is ofc. the best! lol! listen to yourselves.

there are idiots in every country.. dont worry about them.

just use tactics guild, fair arts there.

group battles are only for fun, not serious fights-

and it is not against the rules to join games that have "min arts" discription in full arts
for Wurmtog:

After going through the contest for the best online game last year and watching a monster company shamelessly cheat and be rewarded in public for it, I'm not impressed.
your country is ofc. the best

.com is an international server, how can you use that comment is somehow out of topic. Theres 194 recognized countries in the world, and all are welcomed on .com. The English language is used especially cause its the most wide-spread language on earth.

Can't say that for the .ru server who doesnt even let other people have their own topic in their language, which is mostly current in off-game topics here.

There lies the difference in the 'Welcoming' part I was talking about in my post. Oh also, find any person that are willing to speak English in .ru private chat, Id like to meet them :D
The chart of mine and factory miss now. And I can't enroll right now.

Anyone found this problem same me ?
The English language is used especially cause its the most wide-spread language on earth.
Actually this is wrong :)

8th mixed tournament on ru:

Life in the Empire still was in full swing, filled with drifting sounds from the battlefields of the next battle of valiant heroes tinkling gold coins in the purse of enterprising merchants with retail space, the rustle of marked cards in the sleeves of compulsive gamblers from roadside taverns; hammer blows at the hands of skilled craftsmen on the surface hardened forging furnaces rare metals; divine voice best minstrels, performing their own unique masterpieces. Life goes on, the sun is shining, the nature of the singing - it would seem that more is needed to more happiness? Is that a little chivalry in the tournament arenas. And in this wonderful day the opportunity presented itself to the heroes, because their attention was again focused on the appeals of the heralds to show their best quality at the upcoming mixed tournament. This was another chance for everyone who is a strong body, mind and spirit to enter his name into history, becoming a living legend and an icon for the inheritance.

Heroes, starts 8 th in a row a mixed tournament. Do not miss your chance to earn achievements, a good amount of skill points faction points guild policy makers and a lot of fun from a mixed battle with the heroes at different levels.

Wins you!
The English language is used especially cause its the most wide-spread language on earth.

Chinese is 1st most spoken then Spanish then English.:D
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