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Didnt barb only get stronger due to this racial update?
because against demons, elves, knights, necromancers, might dark elves and other barbarians their old racial ability did not help anything.
Didnt barb only get stronger due to this racial update?
*shrug* Probably a lot of ru people used magic a lot and removing the resistance actually de-buffed them?
barb got stronger in tournaments.. so sven91 you are not entirely true there^^
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // Flood]
what's the result of recent .ru mixed tourament? could anyone give a link?
for gonlador:
hmmmm nice
Here is a list of the 5 most successful recruiters.
1) PsiXPapai [11] earned more than 27,000,000 of gold;
2) Shrek [17] - more than 17,000,000 of gold;
3) Reaumur [11] - more than 15,000,000 of gold;
4) Sanchesb [14] - more than 11,000,000 of gold;
5) Noldor [17] - over 5,000,000 gold.


can you give me a link of those players? and how did they manage to get so much invitations?
Minor Tournament

In spite of his high position in the Empire and all that is assigned and the obligations to this status, Grams sometimes liked to talk with young, full of promise, heroes. With this purpose, he sat in a tavern at his usual table in the company of quite young, but very ambitious warriors. Least of all, the dwarf, who was seizing strongly his mug of ale.

"How are the young, new recruits?" Asked the governor, having decided to go straight to the point on their situation with the recent restructuring of the troop counts.

"Green ..." Briefly said the elf, after a pause "Like a forest in the west ..."

"Oh yes!" Immediately interrupted the knight with a slight smile, "You should have seen, governor, as they ran for the goblins in the forest. Just like when I was a peasant in my youth" and for a few moments, the Knight plunged into his own pleasant memories.

" Their experience is missing" again added the elf in a serious voice.

"They should do some fighting with someone ..." Said the dwarf off-handedly, and immediately darted his eyes off somewhere to the side. But his words still were heard by the magistrate, who now smiled a sincere smile.

" There is still time, my friend. The enemy will purposely wait ..."
" Oh yes, and their hammers will rust while that happens ..." The dwarf added once again to no one in particular as he drank his ale.

"Hmm.." thought Grams, "Then take a hammer, a bow and a sword" as he began looking intriguingly at each seated at the table " Let them put on their best equipment in the evening and bring their rookie troops to win a small tournament in the arena."

He received approving glances from those around him and they raised their mugs of ale to the Governor's health and all their own too. The governor then left the tavern, going immediately to prepare the new decree.

Heroes, the latest changes to the balance of the game needs to be tested in practice - Today we launch the 13th Minor tournament.

And let no one be worried to take your number the the registration queue, for this tournament is made for you, for you to be triumphant. Do not miss the opportunity to do a few exciting duel, earn achievements, tons of faction skill points and Commanders' Guild points.
can someone show me lev13 and lev14 dwarf fights
both min AP and max AP (but not uber .ru sets with full enchants) if possible
(duels, group battles and events are ok)

because i know most about the units itself and the runes. But I have no idea about their tactic, might / magic etc. So it would be very useful if someone could show me a few examples :)
for Sven91:
Level 14 max ap duell (might dwarf vs barb): http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=300830175

Level 13 - 16 6 player GB everyone for oneself (2x might dwarf, 2x magic dwarf, 2x might elf): http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=244754956

Level 14 max ap duell (might dwarf vs might DE): http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=300799993

Event with level 13 dwarf: http://www.heroeswm.ru/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=295269194
thank you magier.
The duel against the dark elf was funny ;)
but you need faction level 9 for that rune

Also more news from .ru

"Halt, who goes" - cried the Imperial guard on duty, seeing someone's shadow, flickering along the crumbling wall. "Wait, you say." - He repeated, weakening the chain Cerberus, so that at any moment to incite them to an uninvited guest. Realizing that it exposed, the mysterious visitor, quickly slipped into the portal and was gone.
Unquestioningly follow the statute, the guard reported the incident, called for reinforcements and went to explore the area. "What's he doing here?" - Spun in his head - "he was hiding here in these bushes." Going to the bushes, the subject of the empire found a scroll, apparently dropped by an impostor. The message was meant to thieves.

The noble thieves, it's a secret letter of extreme importance. This message is intended only a narrow circle of the members of our guild. At the far southern lands, where the great plains and fertile land, our brothers have found a good catch - Keepers of the forest and its animals.
Thieves, I donoshu to you this news, I'm waiting for you in the "Plain Titans" for the attacks on the Guardians of forests. In victory, surely seizing their animals, they will help us move faster through the lands of the empire and escape from their pursuers.

Your leader, Thief Leader.

"What kind of nonsense." - Thought the guardian, crumpled roll into a ball and aimed it threw a stone on the right - "hit".
Ok, no one try those battles?
I've fight twice and i've received TG points for win and some other thief related thing.
i m only lev5 on .ru and dont have a tgi.
But apparantly if you win you get a mount that lasts for 6hours and make you travel a lot faster.
lol The hero looks like a high druid.
Arctic is online on .ru from yesterday :) But no signs of him here..
well Arctic prefer this server more and he is jealous that RU server is much better than this one so if he came yesterday to RU expect to see him here soon:)
what is that new thing near Artic's char in profile..near the shield place ? nvr seen that
I don't get a mount anymore, even though I win the ambushes. Does anyone know why?
(I did get a pony at the beginning that was making traveling in about 30 seconds...)
i get a mount today (an elephant) and my travel is 2/3 of normal.
Does anyone have a link to that creatures and what do their special abilities?
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