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AuthorEverything about .ru
What the hell? :P


How come a regular player teamed up with that AI druid hero?
More news:

"Empire has received reliable information about organized attacks against the thieves in the area of &#8203;&#8203;"Plain Titans." Members of the thieves' guild found in the valley of the Guardians of the forest with their animals.

Heroes, Empire encourages well-armed hero from the 6th level of combat to defend the guardian of the forest from the treacherous attacks of thieves. To do this you need to proceed to the area "Titans' Valley" and stand on guard. In the case of a victory over the thief, the Keeper of the forest can give you one of their animals."

The 24 hours 'duels' with guardians of forests are not so hard (doable with steel set), but now we, thiefs, must equip our best weapons.
I get that now ;) I guess I stared the ambush right before joining forces with guardians became possible ;)
Thieves don't always fight against other players. It's random, sometimes you get only the AI, some other times AI+player
2904: until new ru announcement, thieves only can ambush AI. After what I posted above now thieves are forced to fight with AI and some random player (which usual is full arted).
I hope to win at least one of those unequal battles.
for crys41:
As I said, as thief you don't *always* get AI+player. It's random. Since the announcement I had one combat AI+player, and then two successive ones only against AI.

All of them, *after* the announcement...
Well, then it's all random and you get lucky.
I,ve got 3 fights 1 vs 2 and i manage to win only one and that because the player was only lvl 8.
Abilities: Big creature.
Travel time is decreasing by 30% AND you can travel at any sector (not only the adjasent - like in xo4yxa's script).

Abilities: Big creature, Rage, Bloodlust.
Travel time is decreasing by 50%.

Abilities: Big creature.
Travel time is decreasing by ~71%.
It often happened to me that the Forest Guardian dies by itself, even though he still has army (animals) on the field... For example:

Is this normal? Or is it a bug?
It is normal. Forest guardian run to save their lives and leave some creature behind them which are captured by the lord.
The thing is in most of these battles in which Forest guardians run to save their lives, I would have surely lost if they kept fighting...

A case in point is the battle above. It was a sure loss, only two magic arrows from the Forest Guardian and my 8 swordmen would've been out. I wouldn't have been able to kill both horses in 2 turns (if at all!)
how do u buy diamonds with sms in ru?
for soccer_10:
Follow the instructions on the Donation page?

Applicable to countries:

After you choose your country, Choose your telephone service operator and Follow the format of SMS message given and the number to send to.
for Takesister:
thx so much for your help but i do not live in any of these country's.will this be a problem?
Yes. The SMS option is only valid for these countries.

If you live outside these countries, you will have to use another method
ok thx for your help Takesister
for soccer_10:
Use "Payment by means of 'Visa' or 'Master Card' bank cards".
Well... so far three attempts to fight against the druids and all of them against a player and AI. Seems like it's pointless to ambush now. No way to win, since defenders are fully arted.
i really want this new battles.... mounts also
all this stuff you're talking about... is it a limited event, or are they bringing permanent changes to the ambush system?
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