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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
The English language is used especially cause its the most wide-spread language on earth.it is ... because of most wide-spread language...:)

if you ask language which most number of people speak is Chinese, then Spanish, but wide-spread language is English.
if you ask language which most number of people speak is Chinese, then Spanish, but wide-spread language is English.

That is correct. For the 2 posters before, please read again :D
.com is an international server, how can you use that comment is somehow out of topic. Theres 194 recognized countries in the world, and all are welcomed on .com. The English language is used especially cause its the most wide-spread language on earth.

Can't say that for the .ru server who doesnt even let other people have their own topic in their language, which is mostly current in off-game topics here.

There lies the difference in the 'Welcoming' part I was talking about in my post. Oh also, find any person that are willing to speak English in .ru private chat, Id like to meet them :D


I do not know what level are you there, but if you want i can mail you names of the characters,who are russian players and who are very very friendly and they talk nicely.Couple or more of them are my hunt partners too.

In fact, my experience on the russian server has been far better than here on .com. Probably, i met a lot of egoistic players here on .com. sad to say this, but truth.

Not that their English is very good,but it's enough to keep our fighting purpose served well:D

I haven't got enough time to log on to both servers nowadays,due to work and all, but thats all has been my exp.
I notice yesterday at 21:00 ru server time the beginning of some card tournament. Is it daily organized?
is it down right now??
i cannot login.. and im in the middle of an important tourney fight!!

is it only my problem that sometimes you cant reach heroeswm.ru for 10 minutes??

i tried from different comps
chinese ist most spoken in numbers of people.. maybe . but is not as wide spread as english
i cannot believe it.. repeatedly i cannot go to the page. this so unfair. i will get a lose in the tournament because of it- doesnt work either
About the whole language issue: English has the highest numbers.

Chinese has 1.3 billion.
English has 1.8 billion.

for crys41:
Yes. I believe it is.
Did the DDos attack on RU stop ?
for coolahed:
Seemingly yes
good! now hope the admins are now less preoccupied with the RU server and come here to give us some events..
Changes in the Guild Tactics

Heroes! In the Guild Tactics have been some changes:

1) The loser in the battle Guild tactics will get some points of the guild. 0.2 points for a fight 1 on 1, 0.25 points for a fight 2 on 2 and 0.3 points for a bout 3 on 3.

2) The minimum interval of the meeting with an opponent in a duel tactics to the last bout increased (he was 1 day) on the number of days equal to the difference in levels of Guild Tactics rivals. For example, if the first character HT level is 1, the second level of GT is 3, then their follow-up meeting will be no earlier than three days. Heroes one level guilds can meet in battle tactics are not more than once a day, as before.

Successful battles and beautiful wins!

It would be nice to be implemented here to increase our CG level.
In the Mood for Summer

Dwarves- An ancient people that have descended from the harsh mountains where the snow drifts; and in the hottest summer, the fiery dragons grow in number. Perhaps that's why dwarves are so fond of summer, and every year on the first day of summer, Tolgar, the leader of the Dwarves, prepares a magical summer cocktail:

Heroes, the dwarves congratulate the people and all inhabitants of the Empire of the start of Summer, warm weather and the sweat that comes with the holiday recreation. Here is a Summer cocktail you can recieve, from now tillo 3 June inclusive, on the link below.

<Get a cocktail>

This cocktail is not allowed in tournaments and Commanders' Guild battles.

Have a Happy summer!

Summer Cocktail
Cost:5 gold

Required level: 1
Durability: 1
Ammunition points: 5
[Attack] +3 [Defence] +3 [Knowledge] +1 [Initiative] +2%

A cocktail of fresh fruit dip in the summer heat, and improves your mood for the whole day.

Among other things, a cocktail grants 5 Ammunition points. But it also causes you to lose control over your troops by 10%.
Good till June 3.
Chinese has 1.3 billion.
English has 1.8 billion.

I'm not so sure I believe wikipedia though.

I actually thought it was Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish :S
But without a doubt, English is the most 'international' language, and this is an 'international' server.
for qulows:
It seems reasonably accurate to me. Although there are many Chinese, not many non-Chinese actually know the language (same with Hindi). English on the other hand is spoken by many non-English people. English is widely taught in many non-English countries such as China and Japan.
for Pantheon:

The fact that theres no organisation that regulates the English Language, makes it hard to actually work with those stats. And if you check on the link you provided, the Overall Stat isnt even clear as the number is 'Between, Overall: 500 million1.8 billion.

And if we check on the Mandarin link you provided, the overall is clearly stated : Overall: 1,365,053,177 (1,3 billions)

So, if we go by the midian for the English language, it gives us 1,15 billions which is still under the Mandarin language.

To get it right, we would need an organisation to actually REGULATES and calculates the exact number of speakers aroud the world.

My 5 cents
what is the definition of chinese language here ?

if it means mandarin, not all chinese people speaks mandarin. some of them dont understand mandarin at all.

if it means all chinese language with its native language, yes, its spoken by 1++ billion of people, not only live in china. japanese people understand chinese (a little). there a lot of chinese people in southeast asia region too. they can speak chinese in this term.

whichever, i believe that English is the most 'international' language.
Guys. RU stuff for RU thread, Go make an "International Language: What is it?" thread..
Dear heroes!

Let me remind you about our affiliate program in this project. By inviting new players into the game and using your link , you will get the chance to earn good money playing.

Here is a list of the 5 most successful recruiters.
1) PsiXPapai [11] earned more than 27,000,000 of gold;
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Artifacts: When you acheive the above Honours, you will be give a Recruiter Artifact each time

In addition, we have prepared a special interface for creating personal links to the invitation. You can attach to your player up to 3 complimentary options form:
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Enjoy the game.
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