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Everything about .ru


AuthorEverything about .ru
I think there is a clan wars?
Lair of the rioters

All day the governor listened to reports Grammy Rangers on unsuccessful attempts to calculate the location of the rebels and their leaders. They were like ghosts - appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere, often using imperial portals. Any trace of just broke off on level ground. Trying to somehow collect his thoughts and to understand something, the governor came to the table with a map of the Empire and then heard the door Dwarven familiar voice. For a moment - and its owner is unceremoniously burst into the room with the words:
- I know where to sit, these scoundrels! - Only one dwarf could afford such audacity - and it was Tolgar - Right here, - he pointed to a map indicating the area of &#8203;&#8203;'Eagles Nest'. Here their lair in a cave!
- You sure? Where information? - Asked incredulously grams.
- Do not tell me that he had never heard of the legendary dwarf flair? - Tolgar depicted surprise - That is what makes us trackers better elf - dwarf continued to tell their stories, determined not to mention as one of his spies, thugs think to take a nap on the slope of the mountain and accidentally fell into a well-camouflaged tunnel of dark elves, who actually brought them to the place-based rebels.

Despite the strong desire to bring a gnome to clean water, the governor still decided to implement his plan as some other times a glass of ale. And now it was necessary to sound the general collection, to retaliate against instigators of the rebellion, once and for all put an end to their anti-imperial activities.

Heroes! Empire calls upon all the characters from level 5 to proceed to the area of &#8203;&#8203;'Eagle's Nest' to destroy the leaders of the rebels, and disperse the rest. As it became known for rebellion are at least 400 ringleaders, who are under protection. Voivod recommends that the heroes get their best weapons and the army to go into battle only three of us - the rebels are locked in a cave and will be most fierce resistance now seen detachment guards at the entrance and two more inside. Heroes should take care of the army and mana (the remnants of the army and mana over to the next battle), in order to move into the cave and hit the leader. Winning the second watch and have more chance of getting items guild of mercenaries, gold and artifacts from the store on its own level.

Empire will conduct rating heroes by scoring a victory in the cave. Victory over the guard at the entrance - 1 point over the second 2-meter point, a third 3 points and victory over the host instigator - 4 points. Rating martial clans will be conducted in this way (the sum of points in a clan heroes s).

In the attack on the lair of rebels!
cant wait to fight them here
you fight at the entrance (3vs3) then if you win your surviving troop and mana fight 2nd point and so on till the 4th fight.

Note: you loose durability for EACH fight (and if your art have not enough durability you're gonna be quite naked at the end
for MathProfessor:

I see.. but for each fight you get some exp and fsp right?
not some, high fsp :) (last battle excluded)
for MathProfessor:

I watched some battles there, That seems to be hard! seems like a lot enchant is quite necessary to get to the end
any links?
for coolahed:
check the top players' recent combat log
lag is unbearable, can not even access website now (
13 2010-11-08 15:56:07
Create an underground with a gauntlet of monsters, where you can't heal and must break through to fight a boss monster at the end.


True or not, I will take credit for this event :P

You are welcome, admins.

Stay thirsty my friends
Any more altgrades on .ru already?
Russia hates you!!!
Russian server is not so bright..
for coolahed:
Calm down. Let's just concentrate on our event, ok?

Based on what I see, the new altgrade units appear on ru at about the same time they appear here, so we're the same
.ru is done

ps in the end, multiple groups were fighting the same (last) ringleader at the same time. :)
2732# omg its true :OOO
links for alt upgrades?
bloodsister? new minitaur? anything else?
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