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All about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy


AuthorAll about Knight faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
I lost to DE caravan too any tips?

here's the link
for chakkal2001:

Thanks buddy. Duels are not usually my cup of tea if you know what I mean. I prefer 2 vs 2 or (if I have the time) 3 vs 3. I made an exception for you since we had some "unfinished business" from lvl 11 ;)

However, I do have some experience of winning in PVP like these battles:



So don't try to talk to me like I'm a PVP noob :)

That's one way to go. Here is an example of what I used at lvl 8:


You might want to consider rally for the extra point of morale as well as the larger army. That will probably help you more that the extra luck.

lost this one too,couldn't get it why I'm losing caravans now?5 in a row.

Try using magic if you like, and use max Xbows in most of your battles. I didnt try them out in lv8, but I did in lv9 and it was a great strategy to just sit back and let Xbows pick out targets from afar. Rally or even Advance Leadership are good choices.

dont sad, it is just the barrier on the ambush. after you win some, you start losing some.

you just cant win those 14 cyclops with your current troops :) so, accept the lose and you will win again later :D
atlast I won one I hope I could win more
knights r the best
because they hav the most powerful swords
well ok I made it I'm TG3 thanks to holy magic and Pang.

no offense, it just show how newb are you. experienced knights know what's their weakness. they will never think they are the best :\

I see, that's why you are losing 60% of your duels.
finally i reached lv 8 :D you have any advice like what talents should i pick or what army have until i can upgrade bowmen? (yes i'm poor -.-)
Hi, I'm a nooby level 5 knight, I'm just wondering if some competent player can help me out with how I should make my character. Here's a few questions I have on what I should do now and in the future.
1. What should I put my primary skill points into? So far I've put them all into attack.
2. When I reached level 5, I built the mage guild. Then I realized that I couldn't cast any spells because my knowledge and spell power were 0. Should I get knowledge or spell power? And if so, should I put points into them or buy artifacts to boost them?
3. What should my talents be?
Thanks :)
1914, 1915>

go to page 65 of this topic. visit and read those links. most of the important information was there.
hey, i'm a lvl 4 knight and I've read a fair amount on this forum. i read the benefits and cons of might and magic knights. I've decided to become a magic knight, but i'm wondering...

When should i put talents in knowledge and spell power???
How many points should i put in them???
Should i buy equipment to buff them or save it for upgrading my castle???

p.s. sorry if you've already posted this but i couldn't find it.
i think that at your level a direct attack of hero would be better than a magic, if you want try magic build at least wait to have griffins :)
finally i got crossbowmen, and i tried my first battle with max of them (94) but the enemy (2 knight with 94 too) crushed them in no time and i losed
getting 2 knowledge 2 spell power and advanced holy magic could help? with stoneskin they would survive longer and with bless they could do good damage even in lesser number

as you said, you are fighting 2 knight with 94 too, so in this case, it is all about: whoever go 1st will get advantage; the initial +/-10% will be the key to go.

no doubt stone skin can allow your xbow survive longer, you can try to cast stone skin if you are fighting against other knights.

why? simple, your hero will go before the xbow at most of time, take that as advantage. at the same time, you should be able to check out whose xbow go 1st while your hero turn come. bless your xbow, if your xbow come before their to launch the attack OR stone skin it if opponents' xbow come before yours.

AND, you misunderstood something on holy spells. bless will NEVER help you did better/higher dmg. it is chastise which will do that for you. what bless can do is STABILIZES the dmg output GAP; BUT not increase attack strength.
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