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A few changes in the game I just noticed


AuthorA few changes in the game I just noticed
Looks like there are players who are able to access to better information than the "regular" players. I am wondering how they can...

But the real question is, how much time are we going to wait before something starts?
If you know more about what is to happen, please keep it to yourself and let rest of players observe it by themselves. Spoilers will be deleted.
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // ]
for DrunkVision:

Thanks for the explanation ;)

I'm really unlucky, I leave for a three day business travel exactly the 21st! Is it a good Idea to start something like that on Monday? Wasn't the weekend a better choice?

[Post deleted by moderator BrownBear // spoiler, pls let players see when it comes]
I guarantee it.
smiled) and the processing time of the tournament? but now all of a fast track, and, perhaps, after Sunday
[Post deleted by moderator BrownBear // FR 4.1. Flooding, (warning)]
Darn, can't catch any decent spoiler! ;) Always deleted before I get to read any :P
[Post deleted by moderator BrownBear // off topic :)]
[Post deleted by moderator BrownBear // off topic :)]
Information from facebook:
A merge with the russian server will come very
soon. During the last few days the admins very
busy a lot of the reported bugs. As well as some
testing on the russian server with the dual
language option. And now it appears the
registration for the english server is also down.
Meaning the merge will most likely be really
Perhaps we can expect a last event before the
merge, since there has been a smoking volcano
added to Seraphs Tears. However admins have
yet confirmed an event, they had confirmed the
merge a while ago.
what will happen to the Seraphs Tears Estates :) if volcano erupt !
what will happen to the Seraphs Tears Estates :) if volcano erupt !

the lava will flow around them
all those invested in ST estates will lose big time :(
for Mohini:
All .com lands will be ruined. ST would become a lava filled wasteland with the rest of Empire's lands covered in volcanic ash. The ash would block out the sun for many years and all the plants would die. :(
or maybe the volcano erupts and throws out beautiful flowers and unicorns xD
or maybe the volcano erupts and throws out molten Gold instead of Lava:P
yeah and everyone gets free 1mil gold :P
New Faction:
Fire Elementals
there used to be a conflux faction in a HOMM 3 add on, i think it was called Armaggedons blade
elementals was quite cool, altough not among strongest factions, if i recall right
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