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A few changes in the game I just noticed


AuthorA few changes in the game I just noticed
On RU server there's no volcano erupting.
because WE are merging with THEM don't mix it up
Remember, volcanoes take quite some time to erupt so i wouldn't be overly surprised if nothing happened for a fews days. For now only speculation
because WE are merging with THEM don't mix it up
Are you sure? I thought the 2 servers were merging. By this, I mean that it's not like we're going to Heroeswm.ru, but a new server will be created, and most probably these 2 will be deleted.
It has started to smoke now.
This my prediction on things to come-
1>Volcano erupts killing all the civilian in that area and creatures emerge and attack us all overrunning our defenses.
2>The empire dispatches its armies and all us lords who have sworn loyalty to the queen join the ranks and march towards our enemies
3>The MG warriors in seraph`s tears evacuate the remaining citizens and valiantly hold the defense but alas they are too weak and get over-run
4>soon the invasion spreads nearby regions,The local defensive forces are taken aback by the swiftness of the invaders.The defenders are ordered to hold their positions till the Queen's armies and her lords arrive to push back the invaders
5>The Queen's royal army and her lords arrive but to their despair most of the defenses have been overrun in silent hill,east-bay and The ridge of hope has been completely cut-off.
6>As the lords join the bloody war there is a constant tug-of-war for and between both the armies,the battle field is the east-bay, silent hill,the battle rages on for one full day.
(please tell me if you guys want me to continue)
for narutoayan:
I don't think so... We will be probably only part of .ru server but I guess lordwm.com link will still be working (just redirect you to .ru page).
for narutoayan:
Probably there'll just be another login link to RU server. It won't be deleted, I'm quite sure.
Okay, I get the event.

>>It explodes.
>>Empire calls reinforcement aka Lords/Heroes of .ru
>>We have an event in which we kill the volcanic troops.
>>We thank them, they offer us merge, we do.

It's just my prediction though :)
Or just merge - without an event :)

-> Eruption eats up our land
-> We flee for lives
-> After days in sea we find a new land
-> We join with them

whatever the predictions are, We are going there as REFUGES
for D-Rock:
Don't worry, they'll welcome us in their large country.
for D-Rock:
then we'l lose our map and its estates etc
i dont think thats gonna happen in any case

Or just merge - without an event :)
Yeah, what if its just a mega fart from our admins xD
The battle of Silent hill and the great retreat.
1>The empire's forces are defeted and pushed back in Silent hill.The Generals decided to pull back the troops from silent hill and to reinforce the capital.The thiefs guild members seem to have "vanished"
2>The retreat goes as planned and the "Invaders" continue to pursue them.Another host of invaders enter the Verdant Dell region begin the conquest on Verdant Dell.
3>The "Invaders" use an unknown teleporting magic and somehow surround the Empire's forces and start slaughtering them
4>Hope seems lost but then when the Thief's guild members come out of hiding and hit the Invaders for the rear and breaking the enemy lines and the united forces of the empire and the thieves retreat to the capital as planned.Though a lot of brave men have been lost.
The good thing for me is that TGI are twice cheaper on RU server than here.

The bad thing is I wouldn't be able to buy it, as this character will become "additional".
Demon lord Rafezo enroute to Seraph Tears,in order to report on the condition.Civilian reports suggest that the smoke is getting denser by each passing minute.We still don't know if it is a volcano,or something much more...sinister.

Further update in a few minutes.
residents from the other continent have noticed this.


*coughs*Uh..the wind is getting more thicker,an ash cloud has formed already.The Mercenary Guild has hired more defenses,in case anything occurs..(hopefully not)
Over and out *coughs*
We cant register new accounts on .com
[Post deleted by moderator Magier // spoiler]
[Post deleted by moderator STBs // Spoiler again?]
I think the volcano is going to destroy our island and we will have to move.

I don't understand how we could fight "lava".. that's too optimistic, for people who wanna keep this map :).

I'm going to prepare my baggage.
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