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A few changes in the game I just noticed


AuthorA few changes in the game I just noticed
oh no i dont want to dye by vulcano or merge with ru
for some reason all my extra skells were unrecruited
I think this is about the new guild called ranger's guild

once see the exp. table there appeared a guild called the "ranger's guils"

I think this is about that guild only
The volcano... seems like other guys idea was best. we may be going to move from here... good luck to all of us :-)
And registration on this server is stopped for that reason also?
oh well it was nice being a part of this wonderful community...iam actually gonna miss this broken down server...

time to pack ur luggage guys!
yes all quilds have been updated finalization of merge is soon
On Ru people says what merge come in 20-21. Can't w8 it. Wanna in this evening
I'm afraid Lord TBI and others might be right.The cloud grows thicker and larger daring to consume the entire Empire.May the Twin Gods save us.Till the end,my dear Lords! To the end !
for TroopLeader:
This info came to RU from Arctic's info :)
https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1839925 who less this?
Anybody notice the facebook,twitter,gmail widget icons ?
no , do you see them ?
Anybody notice the facebook,twitter,gmail widget icons ?
I dont see it. You're probably looking at .ru login page :p
no when i scroll over talents i get them

On Ru people says what merge come in 20-21.

where do you see it
for TroopLeader:
LOL! Reposting of the info from your post 171 was erased on RU.
if the merge happens i think that we we lagg cuz of the huge numbers of players loging in but the good one is

1 more roulette :)
2 more group battles
3 max lv updated
4 new guild available
5 new creatures
6 new abilites
7 new faction the demon thing
8 new weapons i think
9 more players

but what are the bad things after the merge?
Farewell Lords,Let us meet in the New World.
Who wanna dream about faster merge turn on Irish Rovers- Drunken Sailor on your media player or youtube and look on our pretty volcano :D
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