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A few changes in the game I just noticed


AuthorA few changes in the game I just noticed
They were posted to let players familiarize with some of the upcoming game features after merging.

This is indeed helpful. Thanks a lot for the work :)
Great stuff!!
great stuff
why isnt demonic in the list of creature supertypes ?
Good question.
Supertype is an interesting thing, it is an ability that all creatures have, but any creature only has one (except maybe for some joke holiday creatures).
You can basically classify all LWM creatures into supertypes, and there will be no repetition, and none will remain lost ;)

In fact, all demonic creatures are living. Living is their supertype, while Demonic is just an ability to go along with their unique Racial ability (there are two more such new abilities now, Tribal spirit and Amphibian).
lots of great things except undead can be poisened now, oh sry, it aint poison its destruction^^

yes but in: https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=31
destruction it's called decay
so there is no poison anymore? if so, where is the advantage for undead beeing save from poison

but dont get me wrong guys, im not the one to complain all the time

looking forward to new stuff!
poison is still available for poisoners! but poison cannot apply to undead. basically poison and destruction are two different spells now.

also at my post 46 if decay is destruction then the discription below should be change too.
There are two abilities that still inflict poison: Poisoning and Venom. Those two will only be applied to Living creatures.
some ability names are changed too :) wardance instead of battledance (efk)

But still battledance on efk screen

Thanks a lot Arctic! :)

I suppose the Artifact Shop Renting would also be on way? ;)
some abilities and spells will change name after the merge.
destruction is going to be named decay. Maybe battledance too as it seems.
Also, the Tournaments page will be edited to list all known tournament types and their agenda; will probably throw in Two Towers tournaments two, for the card game devotess =)

Finally after so many years of waiting there is the hope for a new two tower tournament. That will be so great to have something like that again.
Artifact shop renting would be awsome here ;)
for Vengeful:
for SonMike:

The original name is written on the link. EFK will be known as WD = War Dancer :)
Is there a link showing the creatures and stats of tribal faction??if so can anyone post it..
arctic online again !!!! cant wait for more :-) :-)
We are getting lots of new info in the "about the game" section, including "tribals" and "tribal spirit" etc

- although I think there is a typo in the "Thieves Guild" the "note" at the end of the text has the same text as in the "Rangers Guild"

"Note that the initiative bonus is only applicable whilst you are an active guild member, it never stacks with initiative earned with the Thievesí guild."

I expect it should be "initiative earned with the Rangers guild" for the Thieves guild text.

but great work
some ability names are changed too :) wardance instead of battledance (efk)
But still battledance on efk screen

what i mean is in creature ability section there is no battledance but wardance ability, and efk picture it may updated probably after merge
Thanks Arctic and admins...you are the best!
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