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for Lord MilesTeg:

enemy hits them and they run away never reach shooters so yeah...
According my knowledge today changed some creatures leadership points.

I know it because i had notes how many they have, so:

Mercenary archers changed from 131 to 137 points
Infilatrators 58 -> 61
Lich 652 -> 645
skel archers 39 -> 38
stalkers 128 -> 122
stoneeaters 239 -> 229

These are uncommon from me which changed/
for Fallen Atheros:
If tried them out once, reasonably effective if annoying because of no retal due to running away. It does mean that they are hard to hang up on, but showers are an issue, equally however they are usually not in range. For me infiltrators are still frequently most useful. Good against high level troops due to poison, good speed and initiative. Bumblebees helps survivability. With luck and rapid they are really good.
It looks like you can now exchange parts of creature in your leaders guild page
Got Gremlin wreckers after exchanging 100 uncommon creature parts
for Expert_BOT:

Got useless crosbows. What have I done for such curse.
It seems they have reduced the number of stacks.

We used to get 6 enemy stacks (irrelevant of the type and number of units)
But there are only 5
3. If your arts lost durability.

Technically, that's one of the conditions for the battle to count, but it doesn't determine how much troops you get. The other condition is that you must earn at least .3 fsp in the battle.
Druids cost 683
the upgraded unit of Druids (Anchorites) 662
why ?
more people have druids. hence druid used more than ancho ;)
I got freaking earth elementals.
And that too just by 5 hunts at minimum AP

any updates regarding LG ?
because I am sure they made some changes today for unit cost
Turns out there is a bug that means you get troops for MT battles

for Meshy:

So is it fixed or what? I don't want to read through 3 pages of roughly translated Russian
Leaders' Guild: 7 (990.1) +239.9

Expert_BOT gets 461 gold, +1.5 LG point, Skeletal corsairs (+205 cnt.) to reserve, Women corsairs (+57 cnt.) to reserve

No idea when will admins add info about required points to reach LeG/GL level 10 in the experience table section but i think it will most probably be around 2k. For now lvl 9 is the max level which can be achieved in this guild.
for Expert_BOT:
give me your level
take all my troops XD
for Expert_BOT:
Leaders' Guild: 7 (990.1) +239.9

Congrats mate! And I was so happy to see that I've just reached level 5 :)))
Leaders' Guild: 7 (990.1) +239.9

It's quite impressive how willing you are to spend money to raise your LG level quickly. You've lost a lot of money in all of your 1.5LG battles. By my estimate, this guild has cost you 400K-500K.
for Omar Contreras:
But he’s still rich :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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