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To be fair, you get 1 battle every 3/4 hours (can't remember which) as long as you enrol 1 time then most of the cost is covered. Therefore in my view it is not expensive at all, no real excuse not to do it
If it was a wearing artifacts guild or event you would pay much more.
What average is this? Judging from your last 20 battles or so, you lose between 300 to 1300 gold per battle.

Sorry, 300 to 900 gold per battle.

At Leaders guild 7 i get reward of around 485 gold on average for all 1.5 point battles. Sometimes it even crosses 500 gold. The resurrection cost which i pay every fight is around 800 on average. In some easy battles it costs even below 700 while in hard battles it might cost upto 1k. If you don't believe it then here is the screenshot

Easy to believe, I would expect them to be less on average by level 7. At level 5 I think it probably averages out as an average of 200 net cost per battle. Sufferings I make a profit, sometimes a reasonable loss, losses are the most significant expense. My default army is effective against high cost low hp energies and poor against elemental, high hp or undead. As such I will avoid those at 1.5 rather than bother about switching the army
As an example this was a more costly battle for me at a resurrect amount of 597 with 420 gold obtained. Should the difficulty of 1.5 not increase, or not increase by as much as my army does then I think the soft is easily covered by enrolls and event gains now.
for Expert_BOT:

Relax buddy, you actually need not give explanation about what and why you spend such gold.
Your LeG level is awesome that's for sure.

But I do have one question:

Auto battle or Manual?
for Gameaddict:
1.5 tribals tend to be hardest ones for me.
Tribals are the easiest for me :D and I auto 1.5
Yeah I like tribals, can often block their shooter with women pirate stack to get ranged advantage more easily
<chuckle> You guys have selective memory, and only like to remember the battles where you did well. How about these, which, as I examined your battle log, are more common than your low loss battles:


There's nothing wrong with spending the gold to accomplish what you want. But don't kid yourself about the cost.
looking at those you posted EB gained nearly 500 gold, it would have cost him roughly 900-1k to resurrect not too much of a a difference.

and ill point out they are not saying they get profit, either way the overall costs are still less then most other guilds, its not expensive
looking at those you posted EB gained nearly 500 gold, it would have cost him roughly 900-1k to resurrect not too much of a a difference.

You really need to work on your math.
either way the overall costs are still less then most other guilds
Labourer's guild makes you money.
Hunter's guild also makes you money (without bb sets)
Merceneries guild is hugely profitable.
Gambler's guild also makes you money if you are any good.
Thieves guild also makes you good money, with higher guild levels.

In fact, the guilds that cost you are in the minority.
I just thought I'll put that out there.
increase in harpooner and all kind of griffin cost..
Is this a new unit they produced for the sake of this guild?


So freaking cool. Now i want it too come on -_-
for virtual_vitrea:

No its from old event that gave satyrs flute as reward
it is an old event yes :D so want to find them, are they a rare creature or uncommon do you know?
for death2all:
Rare, PT has them
dont think they worth its cost is high
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