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Thanks guys

for Omar Contreras:

On average i lose around 200-300 gold per fight but i always cover up that part in Leaders guild events. In recent event i earned a profit of around 40k gold (Not considering diamonds and other rewards) and even in Cult of sun event i had a profit but don't remember the value. But anyways my point here is it's one and the same thing if you losing some gold by playing 1.5 battles or making small profits from 1.0 battle because if we do keep on doing 1.0 battles then we will level up slowly due to which we will have less advantage in events which will lead to more losses and less profit from it. On the other hand if you invest some gold in normal LeG battles then you will have more advantage due to which less loss, more profit and better results for your clan in event which will further result in better troop rewards and extra sword parts which can be sold to earn more profit :)
before it was impossible for me to win the battles that's give you 1.5 point
now it is really easy
and to be honest it's thanks to those event which make you better
and of course special thanks to skeleton pirate XD

Expert_BOT is correct.

I have tried both methods of farming, doing 1.0 difficulty with small profit and 1.5 with loss. I still lose some of the 1.5 battles once in a while so for me i would say i am currently losing maybe 400-500 gold per battle on average.

Looking back at the last event though, i managed to reach up to 39 without a loss and the total gold benefit of that is immense. If i had farmed 1.5 battles all the way i would probably be able to reach 50 with a few losses instead of aborting in the mid 40s.

If you factor in the diamonds they give out on events, it is a no-brainer to do 1.5 difficulty if they keep doing such events so often.
Leaders guild costs to begin with, and then later on it will simply be a different way of earning gold. Instead of putting in a code you will have to click a few buttons. The variables are how quickly you want to get to that point. The difference between being in profit at leg 1 and winning at 1.5 is not so much, and then soon after that you can be in profit from 1.5 battles enough times to offset a bit the odd loss, and that is without considering the increased gain from events which is significant
for Lord MilesTeg:

you do realise that difficulty is not fixed and increases with guild level right?
for Fallen Atheros:
Are you sure that it does? Certainly no mention is made in the original announcement that difficulty scales with your LG level. With the variance if leadership values variation in any sizes can be attributed to a certain extent to those factors. Independently of this however, when you get to a sufficient LG level you could move down to a lower difficulty anyway.
for Lord MilesTeg:

Enemy numbers certainly have increased compared to when i was LG0
To me I thought the variation was more down to the fluctuations in leadership values rather than some not mentioned dynamic where it scales with you LG level
So like, are portal units the only units in the game you cant get as followers besides bew (3rd campaign cultists) and easter egg (Infantry) units? Considering you can even get Grinch army units
To me I thought the variation was more down to the fluctuations in leadership values rather than some not mentioned dynamic where it scales with you LG level

I, too, have noticed that it does increase with you LG level, although not as fast, so that it's still easier to do LG at higher level. I assumed the increase matches the reward increase. When I was at LG 0, for 1LG battles I got around 200 gold. Now, I don't think I get anything less than 250.
I think it has gotten a lot easier for you because you have some OP troops such as leprechauns and infiltrators. For those of us who are not so lucky, it's still difficult to win 1.5LG battles.

I remember that immediately after I got orcs (my first uncommon troops), things suddenly got a lot easier.
for Omar Contreras:

You have swordsmen and Ghouls, then you should be able to do 1.5 difficulty without problem
You have swordsmen and Ghouls, then you should be able to do 1.5 difficulty without problem

Yeah, whatever. I feel stupid for listening to you.
On average i lose around 200-300 gold per fight

What average is this? Judging from your last 20 battles or so, you lose between 300 to 1300 gold per battle.
Sorry, 300 to 900 gold per battle.
for Omar Contreras:

Max veterans and swordsmen, bring 4x1 turncoat magicians as bait and rest for ghouls. Then you can auto all the 1.2 difficulty and many of 1.5
for liuker:
costs alot.
costs alot.

Exactly. It's not just a matter of winning. It's a matter of winning without having to spend 1000 gold to resurrect for 300 gold reward.
Everyone has their own play style, hes willing to pay the cost to gain more skill points, you refused to do so, you prefer to gain the point 1 by 1.
Same to WG, someone prefer to get 3 stars no matter how many attempts he/she used, some just satisfy with 1 star and the gold gained.
We dont have to comment or criticise too much on the others :)
for latviesu lords:

There is no way to win 1.5 without costing a lot. Unless you have super good troops
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