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Goblin warlocks and Veterans were definitely in my wish list from the very start of this guild but the unit which i need the most is Swordsmen.
Wait in that battle on post 460 did the player gain troops in a leaders' guild battle?
Wait in that battle on post 460 did the player gain troops in a leaders' guild battle?

Yes, you gain troops on the battle which gains you a new level in LG. Refer to the Bonus column in the Leaders' Guild table.
Looks like they translated the skip button in GL page
Hi , umm i am new to this guild, what exactly happens when I change my creatures?

Like I know a new creature with better stats shows up , but what are the probabilities of getting rare , epic creatures?

Thanks in advance))
for IceSkate:
Like I know a new creature with better stats shows up , but what are the probabilities of getting rare , epic creatures?

Admins don't give us the exact percentages. As a general rule the higher the guild level, the higher the chances.
There is a link somewhere in this thread with a picture showing when and how your chances grow (without giving exact percentages).
Leaders' Guild: 4 (440.2) +159.8

Expert_BOT gets 698 gold, +1.5 LG point, Crossbowmen (+97 cnt.) to reserve, Dryads (+134 cnt.) to reserve, Harpooners (+107 cnt.) to reserve, Elite forest keepers (+83 cnt.) to reserve
Does the LG related event needs certain level to be preferred?
for JeveragJettison:

We don't know

See the yellow leader creature has :o
People talk about this being a waste of gold and that you get no real benefit, which doesn't feel quite right to me, so I thought I would crunch some numbers to evaluate its proportional benefit.

The only other guild that gives the same advantage is thieves guild. Now compared to that for TG1-5 it is not going to compete. Yes it is more accessible as has not got the huge entry cost, though equally you get a lot of that gold back and you can get to TG5 relatively quickly.

That being said most of the people here still have already got well beyond TG5.

So lets compare someone who has just got TG7.

For them they need 800 wins to get their next 1 ini.

If we assume (and I recognise these are big assumptions but you have to start somewhere) that they use one enchant to thieve with and have a 70% win ratio (lets say a gold cost per battle of 500.

This will mean they need a total of 800/0.7 = 1143 wins
With a total cost of 1143*500 = 571500 though a gold return from wins of lets say 400 per win = 400*800 = 320000

Making a net cost to get the 1 ini of 251500

The equivalent benefit from leaders guild is to win 1500 at the lowest difficulty (this is likely the most cost effective I think).

For them to be equivalent they would cost to resurrect 251500/1500 = 168 gold more than the gold reward for each battle.

For me my costs I think average this or lower for LeG as I mostly do the easiest level and of course as levels get higher one is more likely to get better troops to make wins easier as well as a better gold reward.

If one were to change the parameters I have used in TG (there will be a LOT of variation in this) I think it is likely to work out as a similar sort of cost. (Use less arts per fight and you will likely get a lower win rate, so perhaps similar long term cost, or use more AP and you will have a higher win rate but greater cost per battle).

The higher your TG level the more comparative benefit LeG has.

And then of course once you get LeG 9, you can just farm with auto to get free gold should you wish.

As such I think for most players here, character build wise, slowly grinding through LeG is prudent. If you find it boring, then at least there is the auto button, not used it with them yet to know how much less efficient it is compared to real person. I would imagine with a pure melee army it doesn;t make much odds.
tbh i would think this is the closest yet we have to an arcade version of the original HoMM...
by implementing the special day system and having the story line quest type in campaigns and now this arcade style of accumulating troops and forming our own team to battle some random people, it is almost a complete version of the basic HoMM that well at least i love...
so even if it offered no other benefit, i would still play it, cause this is a game....
So I guess 50 is the last level in this event
for Lord MilesTeg:
While I do like LG, I think what you said about TG is quite incorrect.

To put it simply, I am at TG 7 and I consistently play with min arts (~120 gold cpb) so I actually make a decent profit from TG. Making the cpb 500 is obviously the player's choice, and the player can choose to make it as low as 120 cpb without affecting his win ratio.

Just to put it in perspective, even a 5*10 enchanted SoM costs only around 300-350.

And in comparison, I actually usually lose at least 100 gold per battle on LG with resurrects, more if I use auto-battle.
for randomr1: Fair enough as I said
If we assume (and I recognise these are big assumptions but you have to start somewhere)

I never expected these assumptions to be true for all by any stretch, though equally recognise that these are probably too high.

That being said your experience is as an elf thief, which is probably one of the most effective options at low AP. Having never been an elf thief my experience is based upon frequently much less effective BW thief, which very much needs a bit more AP to ensure a decent win ratio, or losses with decent FSP to offset the difficulty.

I suppose my point is that LeG is only expensive if you want it to be, once you have got to the stage of having some decent stacks. Like with TG, longer term it may become more profitable (more recruit and more reward with better stacks since naturally overtime you will accrue more useful ones).

Similarly TG can be fully sustainable, minimal in cost or more expensive. At somepoint however with TG it will come to a point where your extra ini is well worth it.

If the cult of the sun is anything to go by as well, with a decent LeG guild they could be quite profitable too (so long as you stop pushing when it ceases to be cost effective).
for Lord MilesTeg:
Yeah I agree that LeG could be a profit if you simply don't resurrect creatures and just auto-battle.
But to players in general who want to spend gold on LeG I would recommend they don't do that just for the sake of that 1% ini. I mean play LeG if you like it, not to spend many hours of your life for 1% ini.
Hello, rare or uncommon dead creatures can always be resurrected?
Yes you can resurrect them.
any link to check the cost of all units ?
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