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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Lets start from shubhamgoyal forum post concerning leadership change.


EFL is so much more than a clan to me. It is a part of my life I cherish and care for deeply. This clan's members are my best friends. It has given my life more meaning and EFL's continued quest to be the clan that cares for it's members gave my life a lot of purpose for a lot of time.

However, as I outlined in my manifesto, I will not be stepping in to be the permanent leader. A leader is a functionary, nothing more. I want to setup this tradition of democratic change. We do not have fixed term limits now, but maybe we will get there too.

I think that I have served my term. There are many things I could have done better. However, I will always look at this as a very successful endeavour. Sadly, I had a very small role to play. I was a spectator when the clan rallied around to defend attacks from PVO. Members took leave from their workplace, above and beyond what is to be expected, donated all their gold, fought despite knowing they will lose. We captured 2 quarters and we did decently in the recently concluded PoT. Almost everyone sacrificed their personal goals for a much bigger ambition.

I hope this clan is always a clan that symbolises hope and never say die attitude. Stand up for what you believe in a keep fighting. You all inspired me to also implement this in real life. We all have our own wars that we are constantly fighting. More often than not, it is a losing battle. But to really live life is to keep fighting and always have a smile on your face.

I am honoured to have led a group of players who made me more optimistic about humanity's future. Almost everyone is a part of EFL, I would also like to mention some like General Zod who are not. EFL will always be your home. Thank you for inspiring me each and every day, my nooblets and extremely stupid clannies.

I will still be a part of EFL should the next leader choose to keep me (I know it is slightly funny after my eviction threats). This is my home. A leader does not own the clan in my view. He is simply a caretaker. I took care of my baby but I want to pass the baby on to a new pair of hands.

Thank you Ektoras, vicky666 and Divit for your counsel (I am not going to mention everybody; if I have abused you, I love you and that is where it will stay). My vote will be for Ektoras to lead.

P.S. - If Ektoras does get elected, EFL is really very noob. Greek leader leading a clan in a game which involves money >.<
As the procedure hasnt be followed i assume i have only temporary leadership of the clan.

I am here to see the clan through this transitional period until its members elect a new permanent leader. Let be me or anyone else from the clan

Any EFL member who would like to run for leadership must post their application here in the forum, and if they wish their proposals for how they would lead the clan. The deadline for this is 17/08/2018 17:20 server time.

After that deadline, I will post here again to open the voting.
Player banned by moderator Lord Syrian until 2018-10-08 17:51:29 // Deadline is 17/10/2018 // Typo, not player's fault
Moderation will be more lax during the leadership application and subsequent discussion period. This is to allow the most fertile exchange of thoughts possible.

But keep in mind that insults, threats, or any other clear violations of the General Rules will still command deletion of posts and potentially a ban.

Thread carefully and may you choose the next Leader wisely.
[Post deleted by moderator Lord Syrian // Wrong Section; please ask that question in "Queries and help"]
In my view, Shub's leadership brought fantastic growth to the clan, making EFL the most active and recognized .com MC. Engagement in MC wars was a constant, giving our clannies the full LWM experience. On a negative note, it contributed to a deterioration of the mood in .com, but there were too many (and more important) factors for it that had nothing to do with Shub. And in any case, this is a war game, so aggressive stances are legitimate.

Overall, I find it to have been extremely positive, and for that, my thanks to Shub. I imagine you'll be back at the leadership sometime in the future (assuming you won't run just yet again), so this is not a "goodbye" but rather a "until the next time". I do find the system of rotating Leaders every now and then to be in all likelihood very beneficial, I hope we're not wrong.

For me, I would like EFL to continue the path of growing, both in member numbers, and in recognition among top MCs. And if possible, without undermining good relations between "commers".

I hope this can kickstart the debate on where you think EFL is at; and where you personally would like to see it go.
Perhaps I wasn't clear in my question. I wasn't trying to ask a general question. I don't care what other clan leaders do. I was asking, what are the responsibilities of the leader of THIS clan? If people want to run for the leadership position that Shub vacated, what should they expect?
Well that should be stated in each leadership application; it can vary wildly from Leader to Leader.
One Leader may opt to be in charge of every single detail in the management of the Clan.
Others may delegate nearly everything, be more like a figurehead and let the Deputy be the acting leader.
When Shub decided to apply for clan leader role he made an (offical) document about his plans how to lead the clan and described some internal rules to be intorduced.
I suggest for candidates to do so. Write a sheet about Your view of the clans future.

i.e. recruitment policy, how to play events, how to collect and use clan gold, how to organize defenses....
I think that a fair thing would be to produce a list of important policies which each candidate has to produce a proposal for.

Such as how in an election each party has to explain their policy on education, healthcare etc.

In this case it could be war policy, where a poor level 15 may want 100% refund in all battles, whereas someone worried about clan finances would maybe prefer it to be 50%. Then maybe a lvl8 would not care and would be more interested in the depository policy, and be more likely to vote for someone who promised to increase the amount of seasonal arts

This would then make it easier to chose between candidates who can be compared directly, and can then be held to their promises

Just my opinion not that its worth anything
thank you shub for all the time you spent on us
This is my application for leadership.

EFL has grown a lot since i have joined, and I will make sure it grows under my tenure as well but also to stabilize its internal procedures and consolidate. The following are in general my goals and policies.

Facilities are key to growth for any clan and have to be protected. First, we will try to expand in terms of active members and aim for third quarter.

Every member have to contribute either in the defending facility or he/she will be expected to contribute monetarily.

I will try to introduce more people in management, so more people will become familiar with the clan management and be able to affect the course of the clan.

Our income will be used, as done already to try and mitigate the costs from defending and rewarding the people that put serious effort. Moreover we will continue to train in clan war, as pvp battles are fun and our survival comes from been able to put some resistance. Another goal will be to create a gold reserve and if needed help expand our depo.

Ric, Like we did in the last POT, the plan is to appoint someone from the clan management who will take care of the co-ordination process.
You had me at "This is my application for leadership." :D
Awesome Ektoras !

I see a bright MC future for EFL!
Shall I remember you all that there are still 5 days for candidates to post and not for voting them?
Please don't write just to fill the lines.
When does the voting start?
So far we have Ektoras as single candidate
Deadline for candidates to apply is 17/10/2018 17:20

After that we will have a week of voting
But we will recive a Clan Mail with the link for the voting? So most of us won't forget.. :p
for Ektoras:
You have my support, good luck our new leader!
I suppose voting ends on 24/10 17:20

I support Ektoras and i believe he will be a great leader,good luck and stay calm =)
Indeed voting period has started. Votes will count till 24/10 17:20

Although there is only one candidate, clan members are encouraged to positively or negatively. Any questions or comments from clan members are also welcome.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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