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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Ekkie has my vote.

Expanding depo and more mirrors ;)
I'm voting for Ekkie.
I vote for Ektoras.Goodluck :)
Vote For Ektoras :)
I vote for Ektoras!
I vote for Ektoras.
Ektoras I choose you!
I just want Patrickou to be back ;( in the meantime we need Ekkie for management;p
I vote for Ektoras!
I vote for Ektoras, and I want Patrickou back as well :-)
I vote for Ektoras :)
i vote for Ektoras
My vote grip Ektoras
So far votes -
Ellie - 1
Ektoras - rest

Congratulation on the job ekky :) now make me proud and give us our third quarter :D

And cookies.
Congratz Ektoras ;)
Congratulations everyone on winning for 3rd District :D
Ye Congrats! We did it! YEET!
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