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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
We let Luan do the defences, that's his prize. :P

And there's no one in this server who can beat Luan. Doing 250 succesful defences every month... :S
Only Luan can beat himself.
Thnx Luan :)
luan will start getting more gold for 1st place
Luan needs to be cloned! :D
even when luan was semi active i couldn't defeat him:) 130 vs 180 ,way past
luan! luan! luan!
everybody wants a piece,
Not that its a problem
Gimme some too please
Only Chuck Norris can beat luan def number &#128516;
Happy independence day India! Sorry for the late wishes.

Rather than trying to explain what makes you wonderful, I would accuse you of being a mess, a really attractive mess. You embraced me as a kid, you gave me wonderful parents and a wonderful society, then you sent me away, I had flings outside, I even took up other citizenships but today, I am once again celebrating Independence Day as an Indian citizen.

You will continue to frustrate me, make my grieve at the seemingly unsolvable problems that afflict you, make me smile at the incredible generosity of your people. My grandparents told me that in the 1940s they had little hope you will survive. Democracy was still a new concept and a country with 100+ spoken languages, no common race or religion to bind it's people seemed like a recipe ripe for civil wars and in-fighting. Yet, you stand today as a beacon of hope to any nation struggling with any kind of problem (India, you have them all!) that tomorrow will be better.

Today, I am not worried about your survival. You will survive and thrive. But I hope you do not follow the ways of imperialist powers and always extend a hand that helps not a fist that fights. You hold so much potential. Continue to teach these new Indians the ways of the great men and women that embraced your land - karma, accepting multiple truths over forcing your truth, humility. I hope you help human kind reach new heights and you become a nation that people love, not fear.

Thank you India! I love my new blue passport.
Shub... Is this clan related?
15th August is celebrated as India's Independence day. You can say it as National Day for India.
So Leo, Shub just wished all the Indians in clan. :)
Go EFL! <3
Come on VV, join us!!
We really enjoyed when you were in EFL last time. =)
Yes ^^
i have sent rewards for dotm sorry for the delay
Again Luan unbeaten at top!

EFL imba
Good job guys!
A completely successful defence against a MC which is known to have best PvP players around.
Well done mates!!
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