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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Join us soon before it's full.
@vicky666 How can it ever be full? The dictator keeps evicting people.
I asked Nazra if players will get any rewards. He became a philosopher and started giving me meaningless quuotes.

'The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient. One should lie empty, open, choiceless as a beach - waiting for a gift from the sea.'

'Before the reward there must be labor. You plant before you harvest. You sow in tears before you reap joy.'

'The highest reward that God gives us for good work is the ability to do better work'

Sigh...one day I will understand our treasurer.
Can i try at the facility defenses??
Your CL is very low. If you find anyone in ur range like anyone of CL8 or 7 then you can join.
for uio:
You may find it easier if you gathered the funds to change faction to a more supporting role such as holy knight or darkness demon. So you can assist more your higher level team mate
Hi all,

This is a shoutout for help.

We have had many accomplishments over the past couple of years. We rose from the dead, so to speak. This is a crucial juncture. We need active players who want to help a .com clan flourish. Our active defenders are trying their best and they are certainly not quitters, but everyone has their limits.

If you want to take charge of a start-up boat trying it's best to fight against the waves, join us. In a few months' time, you will be proud of what you achieved. This is not the most comfortable journey, but it is a fulfilling one.

Here is to keeping the dream alive ;)
mirror wrote that?
Can someone rent Silver Ankh on the clan depository please its pretty useful
for uio:
1.of course you can defend, that would help you grow faster, use holy or darkness magic to support your big brother, and don't die too early :)

4-6 Spell Power 4-6 Knowledge, max Defence

2.i don't think Silver Ankh would be better than the enchanted arts
I can help in defense :D
I can help in defense :D

Every day you do not join, Nazra taxes me for spending clan gold >.<

Apparently, when I ask for loan or send invites to players, clan has too little gold. But when it comes to spending on buying PvP war arts or giving defence rewards, the clan treasury is so big that we should not worry.

I do not understand how this works :/ No confidence in the treasurer anymore.
Let goo defense!
for Fury_Barb:
Accept the clan invite :p
Did not reach #20, only #22 :'(

How can we be so noob? We are #6 in the ranking of clans which bought the overpriced crusaders. And we are #22 overall >.<

This kinda proves how desperate we are to succeed. Donating kidneys to win a browser game for the win xD
Damn what noob people #6 in spending , can't get top 20 -.- ffs :/
I know that former and current A&D members have misgivings about our feelings towards increased cooperation between A&D and AK. And yes, it is a valid assumption that we would have thoughts on it.

I want to clarify our position. I sent this to gitropiks and requested to send to Bog as well -

'Hi gitro, we are not affected by the partnership. We are friends with AK, we are friends with you. We recruit from both clans, AK recruits from us. I am sure A&D also wants to recruit the most active players. Our messaging is centered around building a strong .com clan and is for players who prefer to be part of a startup and be the underdog. Our concerns with this partnership are related to and stop at the fact that if they move to AK, they might become comfortable with the cushy life and not come to EFL.'

We are not the best clan on the server. Heck, we were #22 in the LeG event. Until recently, we used to perform badly in events as well. A&D has been better than us in most competitions throughout this game's history. The only positives that work for us is our never-say-die attitude, the commitment of the leadership and how closely knit our family is. Players that join us sacrifice better rewards and a more relaxed play style for a sense of accomplishment in building a clan brick by brick from the bottom.

We are not A&D's enemies. We refused to attack A&D when asked a few months back. We do not have any ill-will towards players in A&D or Any Key. Heck, we want most of them to buy into our vision and join us. We have come through difficulty times when we fought off .ru clans without being prepared, we engaged in diplomacy, we have helped players perform better in events than they would have otherwise. We are proud of what we have achieved.

Please do not misunderstand our will to be better for ill-will towards others. If we were A&D's enemies, we would have taken the few chances when we were being pressured to attack them. Ektoras did not. He put his foot down. And I respect him for that.

When EFL's resurgence started, we were only a few players. Now, we are almost 100 active players. All of these players sacrifice everyday for our cause. I am indebted to all of them for believing in the underdog story. And those who do not are not our enemies. They are potential recruits. I am hoping we can show them how fun it is to be an underdog and they join us. How can we hate you when we want you to be a part of us?
Yep we got no hard feelings.
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Not related to clan discussion]
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