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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
EFL plans to introduce nice ritual: greet all the countries of the members on their special national day

Todays greetings goes to Norway!
Wondered what the new image was for. Should make it a game to name the flag :)
Todays greetings goes to Norway!

Damn, look at all the forum... looks like we've been invaded by vikings! :P
If you like defenses joins us, one of the best rewards in the server.

Defender reward automatically set 130%
On average 300k extra reward per month to top 20-30 per month.
Hi all, we celebrate Buddha day today. Due to different Buddhist traditions around the world, it is hard to pinpoint a day. But in most countries, this fell within the past week.

Buddha day (also Buddha Purnima or Vesak day) is the most important date in the Buddhist lunar calendar. It celebrates three major events in the life of the Buddha: his birth, his attainment of Enlightenment, and his passing into Nirvana. According to Buddhist scriptures, each of these occurred on a full moon in the lunar month of Vesak.

We chose the wheel of dharma as a clan icon. You guys might have seen the image around but not have known what it refers to. It has represented the Buddhist dharma, Gautama Buddha's teaching and walking on the path to Enlightenment, since the time of early Buddhism. It has many different interpretations and is common to many religions originating in South and South East Asia. However, since we are celebrating Buddha day, the wheel of nature or Dharmachakra (in Sanskrit)symbolises the Noble Eightfold Path. The eight spokes represent the eight elements of the path. They are: Right View, Right Resolve or Intention, Right Speech, Right Conduct or Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness and Right samadhi.

We hope to celebrate the diversity within all of us and highlight all of our different traditions. We hope the clan icons will also serve as a a nice trivia to get to know how wondrous all of our histories and cultures are. This game should serve to unite us and be more amazed rather than divide.

Happy Buddha Day!
This is so weird
New flag :p

26th of May is the national day of Georgia. :)
I dig your banner
Congratulations to everyone on Festa della Repubblica! This day commemorates the 1946 referendum when the Italian people decided to become a republic. And what is a better symbol for Italy than the pizza slice? Whether we know about Italy or not, we love Italian food. This is just one testament to the amazing people Italy has produced through the ages.
I dig your banner
can i have a slice?
Our income will be used, as done already to try and mitigate the costs from defending and rewarding the people that put serious effort. Moreover we will continue to train in clan war, as pvp battles are fun and our survival comes from been able to put some resistance. Another goal will be to create a gold reserve and if needed help expand our depo.

Those were some true promises done by Ekkie :P , depo got big and trainings happening too :p , Great :3
Happy national day, Swedan!

I have a love for Stockholm and Swedish people. I am heavily biased. To me, it seems like the Almighty took the best people and put them all in one city. You guys rock.

I could not decide between Northern Lights and the Swedish flag. But the flag won, I find it iconic and representative in it's own right. The distinct Nordic cross design on a field of blue obviously represents Christianity. The most widely accepted belief is that King Eric IX saw a golden cross in the sky as he landed in Finland during the First Swedish Crusade in 1157. Seeing this as a sign from God he adopted the golden cross against a blue background as his banner.

It is fascinating to read the origin stories of flags and their evolution. A flag is like the name of a dish, it tries to summarise what is in the dish, becoming us to open the lid. It is a teaser for the melting pot which is a confluence of the history, society, culture, religion, eras... We are all technically human, but each of us carries the perseverance and distinction of a few million years of evolution. Each of us is our history's hope for a future. And the future is always brighter in the company of each other. I am amazed everyday to know how similar we all are despite all the differences in circumstances. Even as our Swedish comrades have this day off, it is a good opportunity to contemplate how similar we all are that we want to build a clan together. The server might die but this bond will not, it will live on in each one of us and we will pass the memories and inspirations to our progeny. Millions of years later, there will be people who would not know of EFL, but yet be influenced by it subconsciously.. Let us make that subconscious a little more wonderful by getting to know each other and where we come from.
Happy National Day, Sweden....
Thanks nazra for your time as treasurer really appreciated
Thanks nazra for your time as treasurer really appreciated

Yes, he spent so much time for noobs like us. I appreciate his friendship, his sacrifice, his advice; we can never repay his contributions. He is a true legend!
I am sorry to be leaving without a proper mean mail, but today my patience was not enough to contain my anger.

Treasurer role in EFL was a real curse, how Divit managed for so long is unbelievable.
I loved the clan, but more than the clan, the people in it.

Ektoras, y0junior, Divit, the one ring, Latviesu lords, Marhallet, God_mom, Fuliggine, Setsunu, Acean, Papabone, Leander, Omar contreras, Calamity, Lord photonics, Majblomma, Fury_Barb, Luanmaca, Kakan, Botmun and many more that i have forgotten the names, but kept in memory.

These are the players that i worked for and kept me going. But many of them became less and less active, to the point that the duties became too heavy to carry.

If you wish to know more, vicky666 is why i left treasurer role, and shubham is the reason i left clan.
You can say whatever you want, but your ungratefullness did slowly grow up hate, and that hate had to come out.

I will not return. I do not want to return.
Good luck.
Naz, I care for the clan and I cared for you. Before I knew you, I gave you my TGI. I have never given so many donations to EFL, even in Divit's tenure. We have drafted clan mails together, we have play acted for others' entertainment. We have played together. I always encouraged you to be an independent treasurer. We have talked on phone. I made fun of you. I do and I will continue to like you. You are angry right now, but you will calm down one day. Try to remember the good times. They far exceed what happened today.

On your part, you did everything for the clan too. You are right. I never thanked you because I believed you would always be there holding us together. Everyone got angry. You never did. I thought you were a permanent fixture. Even Ekkie gets depressed from time to time, you never did any such thing. You have always been strong.

Ektoras asked me to be honest and asked me this -
"How many you approach with respect?"
"With care what they want and feel?"

My answer was almost no one. Sometimes him. This is something I have to work on.

But saying that I do not care for what you did or you is wrong. How can it be right? I do not even know how to enumerate it. Our relationship was not transactional. You are like my brother. I think I do not have to care about what he thinks because we have a bond that transcends the trifleties.

You will not be the first to leave clan. And there are many that are pissed with me, you are not the first. Ninja, ProZyk, Zod - all have gone. I have felt bad each time and tried to convince them to return. But as was the case with Zod, we are brothers man. We were in the trenches together. Do not return but do not have such feelings towards me. I will go to hell if what you are saying was true. I miss you, but I can live with that. I might actually be a bad person, it is not for me to judge. Ungratefulness can also be attributed to me. But so much hate? We both have worked to the bone for this clan.

When you calm down, remember the good memories and find a way to forgive me. If a brother has such opinion of me, I really must be a horrible person. I am so gutted by this. You matter to me, Naz. You were right here...I cannot help shake self-loath :/
Nazra, i will always respect you for what you have done for EFL no matter what happens. I told you what my intention was. You have known me for long, do you think i did that with wrong intention?

but your ungratefullness did slowly grow up hate

This is a hard statement to make. When was i ungrateful to you? When there is a group of people there will always be a disagreement. I am sorry we had one. But
Try to remember the good times. They far exceed what happened today.
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