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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Hello Mates! We worked hardly on our depo and have stored some new arts:

(+)!(+)!(+) NEW IN DEPO (+)!(+)!(+)
-02.02.2020 1 Greater boots of dungeons 350 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Greater shield of dungeons 410 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Greater armor of dungeons 400 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Great helmet of dungeons 450 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Jackal-warrior`s shield 170 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Enchanted khopesh 190 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Heavy leader shield 260 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Great leader sword 260 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Heavy leader Ůuirass 290 Cpb
-02.02.2020 1 Heavy leader helmet 260 Cpb
-01.02.2020 2 General`s signet-ring 430 Cpb
-31.01.2020 2 Bear Figurines 230 Cpb

join us and have a look! Just contact our recruiters if you are interested
Nope these are only comon ag arts, else cbp would be higher ;) , but another enchanted robbers set, a Bol and a pirate cloak, all 5x12, are under construction!
Congrats, nice artifacts for AG
Thanks to everyone involved in keeping the clan in shape,hope we can play together some day just like old times,its farewell now
see you around
Thanks to everyone who participated in this war. And a special thanks to ekkie. Have we ever told him how awesome he is? I have always admired you man.
EFL had been in war since June 2019 helping allies, with only a break during August. We had good and bad moments, we had miracle defenses and total disasters. I am happy with the effort we put. I believe things will return to normal now, but before that i want to offer my gratitude to the following players that helped the clan during the war. First I will mention four players that their service is exceptional.

-Mega demon, started playing as a young (level 14) demon, but quickly he moved up to also organizing the war effort. He was very active in a period I could not help and with Vicky kept the war effort alive.
-Leander, his donations allowed us to keep going, without him we would need other sources of income and generally our participation would be less. He would also graciously defend, even though as he says he is a noob in pvp.
-Vicky666, at the start of the war he was on leave. After he returned he helped with organizing and playing. Him and Mega also helped a lot during a period I could not help.
-y0Junior, at the start of the war he was very helpful with organizing the effort.

The following players have devoted time and energy in the war effort. Many times with not best gear and fighting in a not favorable condition
-Alex2011, he also offered criticism of combats and limited organizing
-Kaesetoast, he came late at party but i believe he would be very helpful if war continued
-latviesu lords , he also offered extensive criticism in battles and brainstorming in new ways to counter our threats.

I hope i haven;t forgotten anyone.

I also want to say thank you to two players who arenít currently in the clan.

The One ring - was very active in the first month of defense and he offered extensive criticism on combat
Rengar - he was never in clan but his presence in the chat was very beneficial to us.
Thanks, Is something to write such a message. I think you forget to mention your name: Ektoras. Without you EFL will had not done a little part in a big war efforts.
I also want to say thank you to two players who arenít currently in the clan.

Okay :(

Here's to peace
210 depo size. Nice!
Nice! Congrats!
Nice words :)

Gratz to EFL for successfully defending for months and not giving it up!

Unfortunately because of RL issues I could not support You in the past months, but it seems You did all well!
Event started, clan have all arts needed for event in Depot(cheap to rent) and millitary clan bonus is active. We will try to finish in a top position, ask me for invitation or other recruiters to join us during event(free invitation)
Hello clan mates

A new event has been introduced. I want to announce that Leander has decided to give an extra motive to you to play and complete the event.

Two lotteries will happen after the event completion.

20 shares of 25k gold will be given to people that gave to the clan 25 points
10 shares of 50k gold will be given to people that gave to the clan 50 points

You have gathered 10 points, you canít participate in the lotteries.
You have gathered 30 points, you can participate in the first lottery and have the chance to win 25k gold
You have gathered 50 points, you can participate in both lotteries and have the chance to win 25k and 50k gold

Letís try and get a better clan score this time.
Good luck with your battles.

You wanna play events and get rich with it? Join us now ;) there will be other events so hurry up!
I want to announce that Leander

Talking about yourself in 3rd person or is there 2 of you? ;)
Clan mail copy ;) interested? ;)
Is the test from clan mail send it by Ektoras, Leander use copy/paste.I think only last sentence to join us is by Leander. But yes good news, start join us and play event.
Depo size 220 :)

added another 6 Rings of Cold and 4 Rings of Sunn, next step is to increase Clovers of fortune and Flame Daggers!

We will continue with our rewarding system, so each event we will spend 1 mio to the players who fight for EFL!

On the way back to success, join us now ;)
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