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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // ]
I vote for: Great Wall
I vote for Fishing Village
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // ]
I vote for: Great Wall
Dragons' Caves
East River
Great Wall
Fishing Villgae
dragon caves / great wall
Fishing Village
I vote for Fishing Village because:
- it's on the other end of the map, so traveling to current depos from this area is quite long currently
- it has Mercenary guild
- it has portal making north-eastern part of the map accessible quickly
(- and especially for me for nostalgic reasons - it used to be "base location" for me and jogamen)
I vote for Dragon's Caves. It has great enrolling options and no location is too far from here.
Dragon's Caves
I vote well be good for our clan yes
shining spring very well I vote yes
Dragons' Caves
Bear Mountains. Why? Love bears.
The argument of overclocker for Fishing Village is compelling - therefore my vote is for Fishing Village as well.
(I also wouldn't mind Cracow, Poland. I've been there two years ago, and it was really beautiful.)
Hey @EFL, am I no longer a part of the clan?
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