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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
for merlin36:
It wasn't done out of ill-intent. But if you want to take it that way, you can go ahead. Ektoras doesn't have to explain himself, our clan members do realise how tough of a decision it must have been for him.
It wasn't done out of ill-intent

Of course not?.. it just highlights the change in priorities
Idk about you, but for me it didnt made much sense.
DoTM rewards distributed. Top10 defenders are-

1. Luanmaca- 183 defences- 72047 gold
2. Latawica- 155 defences- 61023 gold
3. wicked01- 121 defences- 47637 gold
4. RADO- 109 defences- 42113 gold
5. fistofgod-97 defences- 38188 gold
6. ветерюга- 85 defences- 33464 gold
7. gaviena- 73 defences- 28740 gold
8. Truugood- 70 defences- 27559 gold
9. Dark-Ninja_lord-62 defences- 24409 gold
10. shubhamgoyal- 61 defences- 24015 gold

Gratz to all!
I would unironically like to congratulate efl for their great finish despite the event being a pain.
for Igles:
Thanks for your gratefull words.
Pm me if you want to join clan.
7 EFL players in top100 in Great Experiment-
latviesu lords

A hearty congratulation to all of them. Let's keep this up.

Join us if you want to be a part of a growing MC with a brilliant future ahead. Our depo is beaming with awesome arts. We try to assist each other in events. Prize pot for clan events and defender of the month rewards is quite decent. Join us and together we will make EFL great together.
For an invitation, drop a PM to any of our recruiters or Vicky666 (the supreme recruiter).
7 players in the top 100 ..WOOT!

New clan event seems to be right around the corner, best time to join us and get the awesome LEG troops you've always dreamed of :)

Also not to mention our MASSIVE depo!

PM any recruiter or Chief Vicky666 and let's rock on during this festive season ^^
Congrats to the top players in our clan :D

This is a great clan with a lot of potential :D

I still remember when I was a newbie when I first joined this clan months ago.

It has helped me grow a lot and improved my character with its large depo, great arts. Not to mention its a pretty great community with a lot of support and a friendly atmosphere and helps us a lot during events, battles and other stuff in the game.

Do join this clan and you will find yourself loving it like I do. :D
Great job guys.. congrats to all.
Bunnie ended at top 16 too,kudos to him!
for TraceFFF:
i really liked doug judy better :P

congrats guys
Bunnie ended at top 16 too,kudos to him!

Yes, little Bunnie is full of wonder and we love him :D

well done EFL.
New event is up.
1M rewards for top performers..
Grinch event up. Let's get into top15 this time. Those Blue troops look strong.
Join us and grab them. :D
HUGE gold reward (1m gold) for event top scorers :)

Join us and get a chance to win it :D
Good luck guys!
Thanks Rohan! :)

Let's do it guys. Let's sneak into top 10. It is very much possible. :D
Congratulations to all the best performers.

In particular to those who made it to top 100!
29] Krovak
39] Addicted2Life
67] Брисингр
80] Ca1h
97] BobEsponja
100] Picard

Thanks for bearing the EFL flag in the rank list and making us proud!
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