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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Congrats Latawica. You deserve it. Am proud of you :D
Congrats Lata!

How can you guys say "Lata?"

Its Latawica! The promiscuous woman.
Taking a break. Thank you all for all the support! Take care of my clan :P
GL for RL
We will miss you. Good luck with everything again!

Hoping to see you back here soon. =)
3 spots empty! Join us if you want to perform good in events and enjoy all kinds of rare arts and sets. We have 1 million prize pot for top performers in the event.
The clan member of the month for March is the storekeeper Truugood. The person who nominated him said:

"He performs a small, but important function in the clan, constantly pulling out broken things from the depo and transfer those to some strangers to repair them. Thereby he is maintaining the combat readiness of the clan at a proper level."

We congratulated Truugood and exchanged some words. He is from the european part of Russia and has been playing this game periodically since 2007. This is the second time he is in EFL. At his profile we notice a few ST medals and a couple of daily LeG achievements but he doesn't have any particular goal for achievements right now. Except perhaps get so rich that you would not think about calculating automatically in your head the price of each battle. The event he finds most enjoyable is the Great experiment, where you choose your army for crystals and battle against your opponents ai-controlled mirror. He also likes to play ordinary Portal of time events.

What about his name, Truugood? Could it be another manga character or is it perhaps a suspicious word like last months winner? No, nothing like that. Truugood simply means truly good. Again, big congrats!
Gratz Truugood!
You 'truly' deserve it. The best SK in game. Gratz again! :)
Well deserved
Congrats everyone for their performance in event. Thanks to everyone who helped clan members in clearing levels and for sharing their battles as examples. 1 million gold has been distributed among top 31 performers in clan. Congratulations to everyone. These are our top performers for the event-


Tolle Rolle

sir Alistan
Lord Bobina
for sharing their battles as examples.

I thought you didnt want that to be possible lol ;D
for merlin36:
I really don't want it to be possible, but we have to thank people for their generosity ;)
Cant argue with that xD
2021-04-25 20:34: Transferred 74273 Gold for vicky666, Commission charged: 743: Event rewards. Gratz!
2021-04-25 20:34: Transferred 74273 Gold for krovak, Commission charged: 743: Event rewards. Gratz!

Nice rewards. Congrats to all the top performers :D
Join us if you want to make a change. You have a chance to enjoy the services from one of the best depository in the game, one of the best clan leader and a community consisting of amazing players.
Our clan sponsors a prize pot of 1 million gold for every clan event and 400k for the top 10 defenders of facilities.
Only thing we expect from you is active participation in events or doing clan defences. Mail me if you want to join.
Finally we have our clan member of the month for April and it is the one and only Dark-Ninja_lord!
He received multiple nominations the most notable of wich said:
"He is a great clan team member.He plays alot of events,always does his best and performs well every time.He also helps people like me and makes me push further too.At times i don't have enough motivation to push through rng levels but he tries to assist me as much as possible and always helps me out."

We congratulated him and asked him a few questions about himself.He is from Bangalore, India wich already makes him the second indian to win this award!He started playing back in 2009 as a dark elf,a faction wich fascinated him so much that he wanted "Dark" in the name so he ended up with Dark-Ninja_lord as no spaces were allowed back then.Since starting he took quite a few breaks but thanks to covid-19 he's back among us :)

His top 3 things that he enjoys about the game are events,events and also events with a bit of dangerous bandits sprinkled in betwen and just a tad bit of roullete.

When asked about the least favourite part of the game and what he would change about it he mentioned WG as he strongly dislikes the ideea of making something a daily chore,a sentiment that i think we can all agree with and he'd like for a way to allow players to actually catch up on it.

Once again we thank him for his contribution to the clan,we offer him another big congratulations and we hope that when covid 19 ends he won't leave us again :P

Fight well,friend!
Congrats Dark-Ninja! Very well-deserved!
Gratz DNL! You always deserved it. Good luck with everything ahead. :)
Thank you guys <3
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