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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // User requested]
Gratz everyone for the new sector!
Nice to see the clan growing. Lets keep this up. Many more sectors are waiting.
No less than 12 people with max score in this past event and yet another top 13 finish,leaving well established clans behind us in rank,huge congrats to everyone :)
Pm recruiters if you want to join
Lots of opportunities to get better in several aspects of game waiting for you. PM one of our recruiters if interested in joining.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Enjoy the new event.
2 spots left. PM our Recruiters if you want to join. :)
New event! Contact me or any one of the recruiters to join the clan.
Clan rewards for Rayzar's rage event out. 1 million was distributed among the top 33 performers in clan. Congratulations to all of them!

New event is up already. We have 2 spots left. If you are an active player looking for clan with nice rewards and one of the cheapest and best depo, with an amazing community, EFL is the place for you. Just drop a message to any of our recruiters/Warlords/deputy.

Looking forward for EFL to achieve better ranks in near future!
Looking for a clan where people are motivated to outperform everyone? Looking for a place where people are always there to help you progress in event or game? You are at the right place. We, the members of EFL believe in moving forward together as team. We leave nobody behind! Come join us and help us become the best clan in the server!
Clan Reward of 1M for Top 30 event Performers )

Dark-Ninja_Lord at rank 8th!! 0_0

That's some cool way to define consistency.

Congratulations to DNL, Labangiul5, slayerofall and barbmaster of climbing up in top100 of that list. Hoping to see more EFL peeps there.

Keep it going guys!
[Post deleted by moderator Arcanide // //]
Looking for a clan with a great and fun community ? Want to have access to one of the best and cheapest depo? Look no further. If you are an active events player looking to join us, drop a message to any of the recruiters, warlords or deputy.
drop a message to any of the recruiters, warlords or deputy.
Why do you hate me? :(
Why do you hate me? :(

who doesnt?
I'm looking for a clan for the coming events, is there any position?
for RevolutionRebel:
Yes, we do have space. I will make space and explain you further in PMs.


Event is up guys, if you are looking for a clan with one of the cheapest depo having everything in abundance, EFL is the place. We have enough Adventurer's set arts crafted and are leasing at a really cheap cost per battle just for the clan members to do well.

Top 30 players in clan will be rewarded from a prize pool of 1 million. And you get access to the battles and tips for event from our experts.

Want to join? There's enough space for you. Just drop a mail to any of our Recruiters, warlord, deputy or ofc me.
Join now and become a part of our community
4 spots left. We are close to top10 this time again, join us if you want to help.

1kk to top 30 performers in event. Additional 30k to the players who joined after 5th day of event and brought 80 or more points for clan.

Drop a mail if you want to join.
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