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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Congrats Vicky and good luck for future Ektoras :)
Congratz Vicky.

All the best Ekk ^^.
Congratulations Vicky!
Cheers Both!
Congratulations to both of you. :)
Congrats slayer with the mvp and congratulations vicky

Good luck to Ektoras
Congratulations and good luck to both of you!
Thanks for all the things you have done for us Eki. We appreciate everything you have done for the clan and words alone cannot express.

And congrats and Good luck to Vicky
Thank you Ekkie for everything you have done for the clan.
Congrats Vicky :o

Ekkie you are amazing!
Congrats to botmun as well :D
Congrats and good luck Botmun too :D you all guys will make EFL proud.
Congratulations and good luck to the new leadership! :)
LeG marathon- mini clan event

This event will start on 21/07/2021 @ 9 am server time. This mini event will run for a month.

Evey EFL member who is below leg level 10 are participants in this. Prize pool is 500k. The reward will be shared by everyone who scores more than 200 leg points (240 if leg event comes up). Your reward will depend on the amount of points you get. Higher the points higher the reward.

Rankings will be updated every week.
This is the weekly update of clan mini event as of yesterday morning - Vidomina is leading the marathon as of now with 118.2 points followed by Tolle Rolle and npuBeT with 109.6 and 96.3 points respectively.

C'mon guys, 200 points, it's easy enough. Don't miss the free gold.
Hello everyone,it is time to announce the winner of this month!

Continuining the trend of storekeepers winning this award we have none other that Triz!

Taking over the job of storekeeper,he had no easy task,a job not manny would envy,but he took it and he made it his!
He started organizing the depository,centralizing a list of all arts,he put countless hours into keeping it in good shape and he did a mighty good job while at it.
Always the kind of person that would rather do the work himself rather than burden others we saw him outsource artifacts to multiple smiths during events and important days,breaking or unbreaking the sets in the depository for both smith and player convenience.

But his work with the depository is not all he did for the clan,always a helpfull and active person he gave tips and advice to newer players on how to develop their character,what guilds and goals to focus and we can see he indeed followed his own advice aswell being in top 50 by stats before he leveled up earlier this week!

Now i asked Triz a few things about himself,let's see what he has to say:

Where are you from?

How long have you been playing this game?
This account half a year, but i used to play back in 2010 or so, have no clue to be honest. Just remembered this game exists while bored in lockdown.

Do you play any other games?If yes wich ones?
Well ofcourse, now i really dont have much time to play, so i do a run or two of Slay the spire. Used to play quite a bit of COD Warzone and SMITE. And by quite a bit i mean couple thousand hours at least.

Why is it that you chose a female avatar?
Because i am playing a female character. You can refer to her as a different person. Well not person exactly, a character. And if i ever have nowhere to put my money, she will have a beautiful UCI.

Your goals for the future?(Maybe both ingame and outside of it)
Get CL14 and have a clan PVP ready character, that can kick ass. So focusing on guilds. AG3 in CL13, not far to get that.
In life, keep working, hard working, and just get as much expierience and connections in the field as i can, before, maybe, starting my own buisness. Thats kind of a dream..

Favourite part of the game?
Clan PvP and fun events. CG is fun aswell, but id like it to be quicker.

Least favourite part and what you would change about it?
Travel times, even with ABC its just a waste of time. Any time waste in event, ''searching'' or traveling like last pirate event. I despise it, im here to play not to look at screen and count down seconds until i can do something.
Change, shorten basic travel time x4, and then with ABC it would take a couple seconds. Remove all waiting time from events.
Allow access to inventory market etc while traveling, so you can do something.

So this is our Triz,let's congragulate him again and wish him all the best!

As a bonus part this month i reached out to some of the EFL officials for comments about Triz winning the competition and some of them responded but preffered to remain annonymous and so i've used pseudeonyms for them.

Here are their responses when asked what they think about Triz winning the competition:

A player we'll refer to as Shadow_barb:
"A complete scam of a contest,there is no way people have voted for him when he's not even the best storekeeper the clan has,i know for a fact that that fury_barb guy is better"

Another one that we'll refer to as L5:
"If Triz won the competition than the judge must be either blind or an idiot"

And finally one we'll call Manbot:
"100 percent deserved win,best player we have and i'm not saying this just because i fear verbal abuse from him."

This concludes our contest for this month see you next time!
Gratz Trizy! Well deserved.
If Triz won the competition than the judge must be either blind or an idiot

I agree
That L5 guy thinks he's so smart
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