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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Congratulations guys, inching ever so close to top 10, youll get there for sure!
New logo for EFL. You guys are getting more and more attractive. Best logo in the game in my opinion.
That logo is awesome :)
for grif:
for mellor:

Thank you so much guys :) ^^
The new logo looks neat!
for Rengar:

Thanksies ;)

Actively recruiting event players :)
Join us and get stunned by our amazingly vast depo!
Thanks Mellor, Grif, Rengar for the Logo support :)
Congratulations on yet another great finish! :D
Thanks. Not upto expectations though. But it's still a decent result considering that the event was a paired one. We are getting better gradually though. :)
The current system is favorable to localized clans, with people playing from the same time zones.
2vs2 events should not be a test of clan sportsmanship nor clan loyalty (As it is mostly about convenience of play than loyalty), but more of utilizing the 2 lords' armies skillfully to achieve victory.

Admins really need to remove the restriction where fights with clan only members add up to the total. If not, I really don't see a way for the Clan to compete properly.
EFL clan member of the month - January:

rikudosennin, the person that nominated him, said:
I saw him actively recruiting people and giving good tips and monetary help for the event. He helped me (and other new members like me) acclimatize to EFL through Skype and Discord. He's also a competitive player who achieves good results in events."

We congratulated rikudosennin and made a short interview with him.

Rikudosennin is one of our Indian players. He doesn't play other games apart from lwm, but he likes irl sports like badminton, cricket or football. The reasons he still plays lwm is two: EFL and events. When asked about favorite events he picks LeG events. It started getting fun when he got more and more troops. In particular he mentions the merc LeG event as very good. He also likes ffa events and the PoT event where you search for troops all over the map.

When looking at his profile, we notice a silver medal in the 48th minor tournament. "I haven't played much tournaments", he says, "and the reason I got silver in MT cl13 is all thanks to Aivis advice". Now he is aiming to get HG9, MG9, AG2, CG2 and WG4 to further strengthen his character.

Tamer DE (for pvp) and Holy knight (in events) are his choices when we talk about favourite factions. But he can't choose which faction is worst - "all factions are fun in their own ways".

Last but not least - what does the name rikudosennin mean? Well, it is a character from the manga series Naruto, known as the sage of the six paths.
Congratulations rikudo and a special thanks to majblomma for organizing this contest!
Wow! Congratulations to riku!! im really sure you deserve this with your friendly, helpful and optimistic nature :) also a big thx to majblomma! im sure we all do not know or realize yet what this means for our community, but these are the things that make this more than a game, more than just grind points and be better than others. this means friendship, helping each other and try to give to this game a personal note!
i would like to close with a hughe gz to riku again, you are the first EFL member of the month, good boy ;) also majblomma, i pumped a lot of time and resources into EFL but you showed me something better, the interest in the people behind this clan ;)
thx for the lesson
friendly regards Leander
I can't wait to see who will win next month! But who ever it will be, I'm sure he'll deserve it :D

Congratz Vign! U deserve it! :)
Well deserved by riku and thanks to majblomma for the idea and gold to do this
Congratulations Riku!!
Admin's agent deserved this XD
Congrats Riku :D
Im not efl but i still know rikudosennin as a great guy, a great asset for the lwm community, congratulations!
Asset? Lmao. He does nothing just keeps smirking all day. XD
*smirk* *smirk* *smirk*
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