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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Rewards for top defenders of the month for the month of April are out. As always, 400k was distributed among top10 defenders-


Congratulations to all of them. And thanks to all the defenders for participating in defences and keeping the facilities working.
Congratz to Otvet & BABA GNOM for earning a Top 100 event spot!
1 million gold reward announced for the top performers in the clan for the event!
Thanks to everyone for their performances in event. We were very close to top13 this time. I know it's just a matter of time, we will get it easily soon. It's all ours combined efforts that's required to improve clan rank. Let's keep this up and try to improve ourselves in next event.

As said, a reward of 1 million has been distributed among top30 performers of the clan. Congratulations to all of them-

Marco Reus
да будет СВЕТ
Great Sutech
sir Alistan
Lord Bobina
Bear Grizzly
Lord spiral-doom
Best clan or what?! :D
Is there any doubt there?! ;)
Quick reminder that today is the last day to send your nominations for the clan member of the month.

Send them to: Botmun, labangiul5 or Ektoras
Good luck to all the nominations
Rewards for top defenders of the month for the month of May are out. As always, 400k was distributed among top10 defenders-

Luanmaca- 152/193
Latawica- 99/122
Anibux- 88/108
Gaviena- 77/98
BanLast- 78/94
Ektoras- 70/85
Slayerofall- 69/83
Fury_barb- 67/81
Dariel- 59/74
Alejandro71- 56/71

Congratulations to all of them. And thanks to all the defenders for participating in defences and keeping the facilities working.
Hello everyone,i am happy to anounce our Clan Member of the Month for May!
Receiving multiple nominations praising his attention to detail,great event results,willingness to help others and what a great chap he is in general!
I am of course talking about krovak!

Even in his response to my questions you can see his thoroughness!
I usually edit the player's answers to my questions before i present them to you but this time i will just post his answer unedited as i want everyone to see the kind of man he is.

Wow that's a pleasant surprise! But I guess it's only a matter of time for every active member to get nominated sooner or later :D

My real name is Martin, I am from Prague, Czech Republic. I am 41 and have been playing this game actively for rougly 2-3 years after a long break. The nickname "krovak" means bushman and is derived from my real surname "Krovacek", which means little bushman :D Me and my friend Lord Bobina work as chemists in a small company doing research and custom production of chemical specialties.

In game, I have now completed some of my long term goals, which was bringing knight faction to level 13 and most of the guilds to decent levels, making my character competitive. In future, I feel I should probably focus on a second faction and try to bring it to level 12. However, I still enjoy playing knight the most, so it is not unlikely that I will find myself a FSL 14 knight sooner :D

Most of all, I like playing events (my favourite are pirates or settlement defense, because we construct cannons or towers), I also enjoy doing everyday WG quests or occasional survival tournament. However, the events can be time consuming, so it often happens that I simply do not have time for anything else.

What I don't like? Having to type captcha code every hour. I think the admins should have come up with a more elegant solution of basic income long ago. Something like being automatically enrolled as long as you did any battle or card match in past 3 hours. Even people who do not want to get any experience can do 1 auto LeG battle every 3 hours and be enrolled almost permanently.

I also do not like aspects of the game which makes competition unfair - like changing prices of units in current event, making it difficult to recruit good units for people who started the event a couple of days later.

So, do you know me more now? :) I hope to read about you next month!

Thanks for writing me!


A big congratulations from me and the players who voted for you and i hope we'll get to enjoy our bushman for manny more ingame hours!
Congratulations Krovak!

And a big congratulations to all the defenders of the month too!

Luan & Lata are beasts :D
Congrats krovak. You totally deserve it ;)

Congrats to all the defenders :D
Gratz Krovak! You always deserved it.

It's amazing how you put that 'perfection' thing in everything you do. Wish you tons of more achievements in game as well as in life. ^_^
Gratz krovak. Deserved
Congrats krovak! And what an amazing performance in the pirates event for the whole efl. Well played everyone!
Here it comes ^-^
Well done guys! meteoric finish there!
Well done guys, really proud of you!!
Congratulations guys!
Finally after waiting for such long time... A proud finish)
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