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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Thank you all guys :D it really means a lot to me :)

Botmun: Lmao xD
Asset? Lmao. He does nothing just keeps smirking all day. XD
*smirk* *smirk* *smirk*

Were you trying to hide this? xD
I fully agree with botmun. If i had one gold for each time rikudo smirks i think it would break the game.

Well done tho

for Botmun:*smirk xD
for Igles: *smirk xD
It's getting too chummy in here
Congratulations mate :D
Thanks :D
Ranks 14 in the necromancer event! Good job guys. Just need to push a little more to get into top10. Gratz to our top performers. As said, 1 million has been distributed among the top performers. Thanks again!
PM me if you want to join us
New Campaign is out! And our clan has a great arts in depo which can help you win the battles easily and get closer to AG3! And join our friendly and supportive community, we will help you reach your goals in game :)
11th in the event congrats guys
This is the clans best finish in an event so far so everyone should be proud and thanks to everyone who helped others pass levels
Letís keep this up in future events
And congrats to Vicky for getting lvl 92 and best score in clan
Food job all
Congratulations to everyone! We fought with the time and pushed through the pain! We went from Rank 17 to Rank 11 in one day! I have mad respect for everyone who was grinding and helping other, especially on the last day! We learned where our weaknesses lie in this event and we'll turn them into our strengths in the future. Rank 11 is amazing but not satisfying, let's crave for more!

For everyone who wants to improve in events or overall, you are welcome to join us! We will help you. :)
February has ended, but there is still time to send your nominations for the player of the month award. We had two demanding events last month: the merc LeG event and the necro event. Add to that a couple of tournaments and the usual daily things.

Send your nominations no later than March 2nd. Remember that it is not only players who helped a lot or performed well we seek here, but also players who made progress or fought well in the name of the clan. Send a pm to me with your nomination and a brief explanation. It is also ok to nominate more than one player of you canít make up your mind.
EFL now offers 102% to smiths & 103% during events! If you want to make some extra gold with SG, be sure to contact a recruiter!
EFL clan member of the month - February:

The person that nominated him said:
ĒMy nominee for player of the month is latawica. He recently got max level and before that he started to be more active on our skype channel wich brought some fresh air over there!"

On latawicas profile, you can read that it took him 11 years to figure out how boring this game is. Quite surprising for a player who reached CL23 recently. Latawica tells us that he must have written that during a period of losses. There are some aspects of the game that reminds him of Sisyphus from the Greek mythology. When you have a winning streak in TG or facility defenses the game eventually forces you to lose. TG, WG, and survilurg battles are what he likes most, while he hates LeG and pvp. Due to less stat points, it is very difficult for him to compete with other players at his CL and he also adds that not many players in the top-100 speak English.

Upon reaching CL23, latawica recently started to play AG, but the current in-game goal is to get DE fsl 14. He is one of our Polish players, but he doesn't know any of them irl. Family and work take much time, but internet mobility has made it possible to play anyway. During our interview, latawica finishes two battles from the hunting season event. Both won of course. Climbing is another interest apart from lwm.

At last, we asked about the name - latawica. What does it mean? Well, it's a Polish word for a promiscuous woman. Let's leave the details &#65532;:)

Again - huge congrats to latawica!
At last, we asked about the name - latawica. What does it mean? Well, it's a Polish word for a promiscuous woman. Let's leave the details &#65532;:)

I think after so many years we should know the details :P

Congratulations Lata! :D
Gratz Lata! :D
Congrats Lata!
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