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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Topic moved from "Off-game forum" to "Clans".
Clan mini event LEG marathon is on. Prize pool is 1 million.
As of 01/08/2020, Efslion is leading the Leg marathon. He has scored 118.9 points, followed by Mr bonedragon and blindspot with 115.5 and 109.2 points.
As of 08/08/2020, Efsilon is leading the marathon with 211.5 points followed by Mr bonedragon and Dark-Ninja_lord with 204.2 points and 181.9 points.
Now Mr bonedragon is leading the marathon with 307.7 points followed by efsilon and dark-ninja lord with 296.5 and 276.1 points.
We need ppl to join us for this event,and to play this event, for a better clan result
2020-08-27 12:23: Received 37931 Gold from vicky666: Leg marathon - Rank 2

That was whooping 450+ points in 34 days for me. Couldn't have happened without the marathon. Thanks Vick and rest of them behind it.
1M reward for hunting season..
We'll be conducting more mini events in the future. It'll help us all to build a strong character.
Nice idea +1
Leader Guild bored me in the past but if you think about it like collecting pokemon, it becomes much more fun :)
1M rewards for the event.. join soon
We have 2 spots available

8th place in MT ^^
1M rewards for the event top scorers
Event is up again! 1M rewards for top scorers.
5 spots left )
What constitutes “top scorers” for this event?
#19 place

Good job!
Yea was a great fight to get to top 20 from the 28th position
2020-10-16 18:19: Received 45778 Gold from vicky666: Event rewards - Crusade

Rewards Dispensed
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