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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
A bit late by rewards for last event are out. We decided to split the reward in two shares. Firstly we have the people that reached TOP 10 in our clan and they will share 500k gold. Thank you for your efforts and tenacity.

Paraipan 1830
Nyxathid 1830
krovak 1830
Leander 1830
vicky666 1830
Luanmaca 1830
Lord Bobina 1711
_ 1596
Alex2011 1540
Feeniksi 1485

Next we will split another 500k in 20 shares of 25k each and we will conduct a lottery for the people that did more than 1000 points but didnt get in top 10 of the clan. As usual i will use random.org to generate a random sequence of numbers. The winners are:

Mega Demon
Mr Bonedragon
Something begins
Lord selfist
Great Sutech
Lady SladurAna
latviesu lords
Lord photonics
Dear EFL members! We plan to unlock a new location for access in depo! Here you can vote for the location you would prefer, and the one with the most votes will be unlocked! We will do this again after some time so dont worry if your choice doesnt win ;)
You can also make proposals for new depo items so we know what you need to play and enjoy the game!
If you make your vote pls write: I vote for: .......... (the location you like!)
This vote will last till tuesday 28 of april 24:00
I vote for: Great Wall
I vote for: Bear Mountain
I vote for Portal Ruins
portal ruins
Cracow, Poland.
i vote for Harbour City
I vote for: Great Wall
I vote for: Dragon Caves
I vote for East River
I vote for: Bear Mountain
I vote for Portal Ruins
I vote for Portal Ruins
I vote for East River
Fishing Village
Fishing village
Great Wall
Portal Ruins
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