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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
New event and new rewards of 1kk gold are to give to EFL members. If on last event EFL finish on 23 position now we will try to finish on better then last time, much better. We need more active ppl to join us(wait your mail to send EFL free invitation)
Lottery A: 20 shares of 25k gold will be given to people that gave to the clan 50 points
Lottery B: 10 shares of 50k gold will be given to people that gave to the clan 90 points

Lottery A winners
Something begins
Mr Bonedragon
Bear Grizzly
Another Player
Maha Kali

Lottery B winners
Mr Bonedragon

To be eligible please join EFL, first :)
Depo size 240!
New monthly event for EFL players.
Replay of the month.

-replay should be from particular calendar month

-specify type of battle(can be any type)

-player should shortly explain what happend in battle, and why he think this could be the battle of the month

Submit your battle to me latviesu lords via P.M with subject "replay of the month"
Voting will be available in our discord channel.
If you have more questions or ideas feel free to message me or leave message here in forum.

Best replay award: 10k
I understand from Leander, that for next game event, clan will give other 1 million
gold as reward for clan members.
for latviesu lords:
I was told to stop my battle of the month competition because it was breaking game rules, just in case
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // as requested]
I will post this here, apologies that is in in fact off-topic.

Rewarding players for doing well in events is not against the rules.

If you suspect a person (or persons) are breaking the rules, please contact Lexa or an appropriate mod (Edwin).
Just a warning I didnt really understand it either

Player was imposed a penalty of 1 gold. // Violation of general rule #3.22, warning // all of the donations MUST be returned and these 'month's best battles' are over since now
I'd say your competition is pretty similiar to this format, and I just didnt want you to get a penalty.


Though I think you'll be okay unless someone gets upset that they didnt win ;) Good luck with it
this is from General rules:
3.22. Trading walkthroughs and instructions for Text quests is forbidden. It is prohibited to post and/or advertise walkthroughs in character private info, on the forum or in the chat. If a clan site lists a walkthrough, the clan leader is considered responsible.
It is allowed to ask for advice on any given stage of the quests in the predesigned thread

Not sure about other 3.22, but is nothing about rewards in this rule
I guess they must have moved it since then, it was custom combat tournament one
combat tournament

Most definetly funny
Is EFL still recruiting ?
Yes,Kasetoast send you an invitation
Looking for clan partner in the event, just realized points don't count towards clan as a solo player XD

Any combat levels 5-7, can play difficulty levels from 35-45 atm.
@neon10, i cant mail you, something to do with your settings XD Haven't used skype in ages, will create one for this.
for Ignis aurum probat:
Well played.
As a clan we will reward the top 21 of people that gave points to the clan, total reward will be 1 million as distributed based on % of points for each player, plus 20k for each player that achieved TOP 100 of the game.

The list with the player follows (name, points earned for clan, gold reward).

пурпурный-_- 5409 64332+20000
NAVAI 5409 64332+20000
RASKRILSYA 5297 63000+20000
Nekropolis 5297 63000+20000
Something begins 4104 48811
merlin1378 4081 48537
Меч Силаны 4058 48264
Stepovar_ 4058 48264
Elgernon 3863 45944
Имя персонажавигре 3849 45778
latviesu lords 3674 43696
wizard_apih 3596 42769
Targerian 3574 42507
Brienne 3574 42507
XGHosTX 3521 41877
Kaesetoast 3494 41556
Mega Demon 3475 41330
Fury_Barb 3475 41330
krovak 3450 41032
Feeniksi 3411 40568
Leander 3410 40557
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