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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Topic moved from "Off-game forum" to "Clans".
First person to beat wave 60 in the event will get 50k
The second person will receive 30k
Third person will receive 20k

good luck!
Go efl!
I'm not European but can I join?
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Flood]
How do I apply for recruitment
4.1. Flood means posting messages not related to the discussion matter; messages not carrying any sense; messages acknowledged useless by the moderators/administrators; messages violating the local rules of a forum branch. Flood is not considered a malicious violation, however such posts can be deleted and the author might get banned.

2.8. Archaeology - raising ancient topics back to the top of forum branch - is forbidden. In case if there is a necessity to remind some of such topics contents, it is recommended to use quotation and/or link to such thread

2.9. It is forbidden to place same or very similar threads in different forum branches. If you have created a thread in the wrong branch by accident, contact any forum moderator online and request it to be moved to appropriate forum branch.

Raising back threads just by shifting forums,this also counts as flood as it isn't related to the discussion about European Foreign legion anyway.
Also that its done by a moderator(someone who isn't even part of the clan),is it excusable?

Just for fun :)
Player banned by moderator Meshy until 2019-10-29 13:50:15 // FR 4.1 / Flood
Threads are getting auto lock after some time, it's one of the moderators jobs to bring them back in life actually. :)
for Galadriel2:
You have to reach Cl5 to join military clan.

Perfect pvp def \o/
17 spots available
plus a lots of opportunity to play pvp/pve/interception/taxation
Come on guys, join the family. :)
18 spots available
Thank you to EFL for providing intercept covers
what if they are about to betray you ;)
for merlin36:
What does that mean?
I was just joking that what if he thought you was doing a favour and then next minute you join in full sets and take the mine from them. I hope you dont think i was trying to say anything other than a harmless joke :)
Then how much time do you think it’ll take for AK to attack EFL and take back the mine?
EFL and AK are both smart clans and they know what they’re doing ;)
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