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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
for shubhamgoyal:

Yeah, that noob.

If your partner goes AFK or is new and not wearing proper arts, EFL will refund 100% of your battle cost. Please send the battle link to Ektoras/vicky666/Nazra and the cost of your arts.

It is EFL's responsibility to help you enjoy the game. A clan member not following rules is still our fault. That is what responsibility and being a family means.

Thank you for being awesome!
for shubhamgoyal:
I know you love me, but you should remember i am not deputy anymore :p
thanks to everyone who participated in the event, we finished #29 which is better than what we did last event so congrats guys
If anyone is interested in PvP practice battles, make sure you join us. We provide regular PvP practice.
Also all costs for these battles are paid for by the clan
Clan pays for rare sets and your gold lost in the war! :)

for y0Junior:
It's already said :P
Player banned by moderator Meshy until 2019-02-08 13:26:56 // LR 8 // Don't flood topics with irrelevant comments
LeG Marathon has finished, the lucky ones that won 15k are the following.

Mega Demon

Lately we have been really struggling to defend and we keep having empty lines, so to try and solve this we have increased the gold earned for a win from 120% to 130%

so defend more and enjoy the extra gold :)
General Zod has joined the clan.

Welcome back noob -.-
The best .com clan in the game! If you want to join then go ahead and PM one of the recruiters!
The best .com clan in the game!

"da" - and by that, I mean it's good to have an english community here, I love it
for BestNoobEver:
^_^ Good to know!
Thanks to everyone who tried their best in the event and I hope next event we can do better
Good job everyone!
congrats to our best players in event
AKA-Sarobinas - 903 points

Jabbar - 903 points

Feeniksi - 861 points

Tatar67 - 820 points
and congrats to Nass for getting 435 points using only common troops
enjoy your 30k reward :)

also thank you to everyone else who tried their best in the event and lets hope next event we can do better
from clan information:
When Joined :
- you must follow the clan rules and of course the rules of the game,
- 10 defense battle is expected from you in a month.

i dont think i can play any defense battles, because of time difference and some personal reasons, but as one of a .com player, i hope this clan will turn stronger.

and to all of who from A&D: one day we are bro, always bro :)
A great clan , doesn't expects much from the player and clan bonuses on 24/7
Personally for I'm a low level , the depo isn't very useful :3 but some great people around , one of the most friendliest leaders I've ever met :b

It's a must try ;)
i dont think i can play any defense battles, because of time difference and some personal reasons, but as one of a .com player, i hope this clan will turn stronger.

You can contribute by doing well in events. We do understand people are from different time zone.
Good luck to you! :)
There are other ways you can help the clan like playing all events and participating in clan pvp. You are also close to becoming smiths guild 8, so you can help us there. People who cannot help in any of the above areas are encouraged to contribute a fixed sum of gold every month.

The only real requirement is a positive attitude and good behaviour. We do not condone any kind of bad behaviour or hatred towards other players/clans after joining EFL, But other than this, we are extremely flexible and have a big-hearted family
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