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   Forums-->Clans-->[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion

Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Ektoras you have my support, I am excited for the future of efl
ektoras...yet a noob in efl leadership :-PPPPPPPP
You have my support Ektoras
I vote for Ektoras :)
Ektoras, you have my vote. Thanks for stepping up.
my vote for Ektoras..

good luck buddy, lead EFL in your way to greatness... we support you.
Damnit, i didn't expect you to become leader, expecially after i said shub about 200 times ekky for leader!
Oh well, you have my support and wooden swords.
My vote for Ektoras!
My support goes for Ektoras!
I vote for Ektoras
I am for Ektoras being our new leader!
I vote for Ektoras!
Ektoras I vote for you
I fully support Ektoras

EFL will be in good hands
I support Ektoras, I'm sure you'll do great.

Another goal will be to create a gold reserve and if needed help expand our depo.

I believe this should be a top priority, since the Clan is almost full.
My vote for Ektoras!
Ektoras as our leader friends....
I vote for ekkie.
I vote for Ektoras!
I vote for Ektoras (and expanding depo)!
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