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Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Wow 6 players in top100. That's really great!
Congrats to all of you guys. :D
14th place at thw moment in Grinch event! Keep going! Better each event.
Thank you Mellor. :)
I bring forth my congratulations for the achievement of 13th place. Impressive! :D
Congratulations! Really impressive.
Well done everyone!! :)
Congratulations guys! It's a team effort :)
Good job everyone!
Gratz for 13th place! Lookin' for top10!!
Looking ahead indeed :D
Well played guys. Well played.
New event, new challenge!
Let's get into top10 this time. The journey of growing has been awesome.
Our depo is studded with kickass arts specially for the FFA events. Prize pot for top scorers in clan will be 1 mil as always. Join us and do well in events.
Good luck all of you!
We have a disproportionately strong depo at this point thanks to Leander's contributions)
Best of luck for top 10, you guys can make it!
In all my time clan hopping, not once have I seen a depo this full during the last stretch of an FFA event!
Only 32/300 arts are broken right now!

Thanks to all our clan smiths repairing constantly!
And special shoutout to Leander luan and rengar, for diamond rushing repairs.
And to super active storekeepers Truugood and barbmaster for getting arts repaired by external smiths!

And thanks to death2all for lending us his militant set. I haven't felt this strong in a while :D
got onto event late and have sent three exhausting days catching up...only now have checked leader-board and see EFL at 14th place which is excellent.... well done EFL great effort by everyone.
wooh great work everyone. Keep it up :D
I offer my congrates, extremely impressive result from efl this time
I expect you to be top 10 next event. Keep it up. Congrats.
13th rank again! Good job everyone. Thanks to everyone for their contribution. Let's keep it up and do even better in upcoming events.
Thanks to all clan Smiths and Smiths outside the clan too (NemoDat, Elrond, Warlock Naviron and everyone who helped us in repairs). Special thanks to Leander, Luanmaca, NemoDat and Rengar who rushed repairs for us using diamonds. That was really helpful and played a big role in getting EFL on 13th rank.
Thanks to our storekeepers, barbmaster and Truugood for doing an excellent job and managing the depo so well.

Whole clan thanks death2all for leasing his set to us. Thanks a lot.

Let's sneak into top10 next time!
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