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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Congratz Krovak. !

Huge congrats to EFL :D quite a performance.

Really proud to see 11 members in top 100 too.
Congrats guys on rank 6. This is great achievement :D
Some amazing numbers achieved by EFL for the last event -

1. Clan achieved rank 6

2. 11 players ended up in Top 100 (11% is an amazing stat!) - Otvet, krovak, --, labangiul5, barbmaster, Me, Zoro, ExecutionForReal, slayerofall, Lord Bobina & seven7up

We will go from strength to strength.

EFL is looking for active members who are willing to take part in events and enjoy the spoils with us :D

Kindly contact a recruiter for applying!
congratz to the clan & top performers
2 spots left :)
Great clan with great people to support and to help you to get better. It's been an amazing experience here. Looking forward to contribute more. :)
Hello friends,today i'm delighted to present you the Clan Member of the Month for June!
As a fun fact he was nominated by at least one person every month since i took over the contest in April so let's congratulate our winner Slayerofall!

Described by some as a madman who does not know the meaning of the phrase "Taking it easy" he proved them time and time again that they were indeed right!Spending less than a month on each level from 14 to 16 his dedication to becoming a top dog in player vs player game modes sustained him and helped him push through the grind of leveling up all the "boring" guilds all with the ultimate goal of having people add him as friend in game just so they can see when he's online and avoid his wrath in commander's guild.

Let's see what the person nominating him had to say:

"1) I learn alot of elf gameplay from him
His tactics and playstyle is unique

Also he Is very approachable and keen on helping noobs like me :D

Not to mention ST king. And the UCIIIII that's coming

Also he is very friendly and lovely to talk to :p

Pro elf in CG :3
He is also very frank and to the point so yeah"

After reading the nomination we can see that his goal focused mind is not his only quality,a general friendlyness and willingness to help could also describe him as a person.

After asking him a few questions about himself(I'm surprised he even responded being the busy person that we know :P) we get to find a few more things about him.

He is from the USA and started playing when the game was still young,about 2009/2010 up untill 2014 when he took a long break untill february 2021 when he returned to a changed game and immediately started on the road of grinding to get his character to an acceptable level for his main goal player vs player.
How far does his pvp ambition extend you may ask?At least top 10 for his level!

It seems that at the moment lords is the only game for him and for good or for bad even if grinding guilds leaves a bad taste in his mouth he's still on a warpath and to help him with that he's even planning to get a uci!

To sum it up we wish him good luck and weak cg opponents and we also hope we'll be seeing that American Freedom spread to the lands of the Empire *Bald eagle noises* !

P.S On a totally unrelated note new reports indicate substantial deposits of oil might be found close to the mithril coast.
Pro elf in CG :3

big questionmark?! :p

thanks for the post and thanks for everyone who nominated me
Congratz Slayer!
Gratz Slayer! Well deserved buddy.
Congratulations slayer!

Amazing player and a fun person, grateful to have you around in the community! :D
Congrats slayer :)
After three years I have decided to step down from leader position. A combination of real life demands and burnt out have caused me to be an inactive leader and ineffective for some time. I believe clan needs an active leadership that will set goals and actively seek to accomplish them. I want to thank all of you that helped me and the clan during my term.

The new leader will be Vicky.

Only our newest members dont know him as he was on a break the last three months. He has been deputy for more than 2 years, always being active in clan management. He contributed on setting goals for clan and depo. He managed alone matters as recruiting, event promotion and guidance and he helped with organizing pvp defenses.

I believe he is the best person for the job. After his request leadership change will happen at the 12th of July.

I guess we can salut him from now. All hail Vicky
Thank you Ekkie for a great 3 years and for helping this clan progress so much
And good luck to Vicky you will help this clan grow even more
Thanks for everything Ekk! Your contribution for EFL is irreplaceable. We have reached great heights under your leadership and we will keep doing it. Thanks again.

Gratz Vic, you deserve it. Let's keep the clan growing! :)
Thanks for all things Ektoras and cong.. to vicky.
All the best for your future, Ektoras.
Much deserved rest for Ekkie and congratulations to Vicky for stepping in for the new role!

Ektoras took up the leadership when the clan was in turmoil, I mean look at how this clan thread really started. Unfortunately I wasn't active enough in the game for a good part of 2 years or so, but coming back seemed as if I never left, the clan got stronger and bonds between the players got deeper. There is always a feeling of commonness in the group chats and the overall culture has improved.

Good luck to both :D
Thanks Ektoras and good luck Vicky!
All the best Ektoras and good luck Vicky!
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