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[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion


Author[Military Clan] #7490 European Foreign Legion
Congratz triz :)
This is the weekly update of clan mini event as of today morning - Vidomina is leading the marathon as of now with 225.7 points followed by Tolle Rolle and npuBeT with 211.4 and 200.2 points respectively.

Good luck guys. keep pushing and get the rewards. :)
Unable to get desired arts from your clan depo and tired of the accumulated broken arts. Join us, we have amazing storekeepers and treasurer who make sure there's never shortage of arts. We have most of the rare sets and almost all the arts that are useful in events at really cheap prices. Just contact one of our recruiters to get into our clan. :)
This is the weekly update of clan mini event as of today morning - Vidomina is leading the marathon as of now with 365.7 points followed by Tolle Rolle and npuBeT with 356.3 and 320 points respectively.

Nice to see many of you pushing hard. Keep going. Good luck. :)
2021-08-17 09:47: Received 48860 Gold from vicky666: Noob :P

Join us if you are looking forward to claim cool rewards in clan events with 'not so cool'-descriptions. ;)
This is the final update of the clan mini event. Happy to see many had pushed hard and participated in this event.

Congrats to the top 3 as follows:
1. Vidomina - 432.4 points
2. Tolle Rolle - 418 points
3. npuBeT - 380 points.
Pay2Play? More like Paid2Play.

2021-08-21 21:14: Received 30884 Gold from labangiul5: For LeG marathon,congrats!

10/10 clan, would recommend.
Another top 10 finish..
Awesome work guys
Amazing team work guys!
Congrats to Mega Demon (and Vicky666) for achieving level 100 in the paired LeG event.

I didn't know it was possible, tbh. :O
Damn, gratz to both! O_O
Well done!

Its quite challenging to be the first guys to clear higher waves :)
Gratz to everyone for their contribution in Smugglers event. 8 players having 90 or more score is a very good sign indeed. Let's keep getting better.

Thanks to the storekeepers and treasurer for keeping the depo running as well. There were rare instances for less than 30 minutes when clan had more than 30 broken arts. Thank you to all clan smiths and smiths outside the clan for help too. :)
Hello everyone,

Due to rl commitments I've decided to hand over leadership to botmun. He's the best man for the job. He's been a fantastic deputy. I also want to thank labinguil5 and ruby for taking care of the depo. We all know the amount of hard work you both have put to keep the depo running. And a big thanks to rikudo who's always been there to assist me. And finally thanks to all the clan mates who trusted me and gave me the opportunity to lead.
for vicky666:
Good luck! Thank you for everything you have done for the clan!
Wish you all the best Vicktorious!

Congratz and good luck to you Botmun!
Good luck

and congratulations to Botmun :)
Hello everyone,
At first I would thank Vicky666 for being a wonderful leader. He has been doing a lot for clan since a long time and he will continue to do so. Due to real life commitments, he had to stepdown as a leader. I hope everything goes well for him. Wish you all the best, Vic!

Both Ektoras and Vicky have been very crucial for what EFL is today. I joined this clan in 2017 and have seen ups and downs it has been through. When clan events were introduced, no one had thought that we would even be among top30 clans. But look where we are now. We are hitting top13 constantly and aiming to fix our place in top10 and then top5 gradually. It would have been very difficult to achieve all these without Ektoras or Vicky.

We will continue our journey as a clan on the same path. I hope that you, me and all our clan mates will continue doing good in events and we can capture that top10 and top5 spots gradually. Beside becoming a clan with very good event records, I also want our clan to be a strong military clan. We need our players to become good in clan PvP so that we canít be bullied by other clans. Not letting defence lines be empty is also very important during clan wars. We will be arranging clan PvP trainings, if you are interested and above level13 just drop me a Hi.

I also feel for .com server. We have lot of potential. We surely deserve one of the clans that should be in top among those .ru clans. But due to past differences, we all are scattered. It would be great if all of us can come together and make a clan from .com reach heights that hasnít been reached before.

Letís make EFL great!
congratulations to Botmun :)
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