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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
for Igles:



My master plan involved turning you into a clan less abomination , in which i have succeeded. Enjoy the Vagabond status.


isnt that the name of your 9 year old neighbour

isnt that the name of your 9 year old neighbour

23 3 year olds*

but what I meant is - touche ;)
23 3 year olds*

that is worse
Oh my god hapko you shouldnt be advertising this on the internet, there may be some russian police on the forum
for merlin36:
They haven't received their products yet? Can you tell them to give the receipt id?
Our clan now has 2 sectors!
Congratulations :-D
Congratulations :-D
First of all i wanted to congratulate the defenders who reached milestones in the last 2 weeks

Merlin36 300
Igles 200
Hapkoman 150
Ukak 100
Aparun 100
Cool_knight 100
Detherocevil 100
Tony 50

These kind of numbers take huge efforts and deserve congratulations.

Top defenders of the fortnight 16/11-29/11

1. Hapkoman 41
2. Igles 40
3. Ukak 35
4. Azizander 29
5. Rohanarora 27
6. Void_moon 26
6. Aparun 26
6. Uio 26
9. Detherocevil 25
10. Esra 24
11. Sss610 21
12. Merlin36 20
13. Cool_knight 19
14. Yashu12323 18
15. Vizzy 14
16. Drawaft 12
16. Alhths 12
16. Janc 12
19. Lusunaturea 10
20. Warrior2002 9
20. Lordnebiros92 9
22. Mistofel07 8
23. Urdit 7
23. Wubufett 7
25. Thaidye15 6
26. Mocos 5
26. Pempek 5
27. Beelzebub12 3
27. Tony 3
27. Legend-bouc 3
27. Andrewganteng 3
27. Lord radagast 3
27. Lord rachit 3
27. Niranjan 3
27. Bruce_lee123 3
35. Bobesponja 2
35. I11idan 2
35. Pajama sam 2
35. Eddy_immanuel 2
35. Calvinou 2
35. Big-red 2
41. Patou 1
41. Krish0608 1
41. Mymight 1
41. Tagher011_2 1
41. King_dave 1
41. Enemies 1

A total of over 500 defence wins in 2 weeks is a huge effort by everyone involved and each member should be proud of this.

223,837 gold was earned by the clan during this period, and due to the agreement to share this profit between members all players on this list will shortly be sent a 400 gold bonus per defence won.

A quick update on the Top 10 all time rankings

1. Merlin36 308/329
2. Yashu12323 245/274
3. Warrior2002 211/255
4. Igles 208/246
5. Hapkoman 189/217
6. Basion2 166/177
7. Rohanarora 134/160
8. Poodelivery 133/151
9. Ukak 123/156
10. Aparun 121/136

Thanks for everyone who contributes to the efforts of the clan. Expect another update soon into the next week and another round of rewards!

Many thanks,
Congrats on 50+ rank in PoT :)
@for Mega Demon: Congrats for poking your nose where you most definitely don't belong. :)
@vizzy Best if u tell it to ur clannies too :)
for Mega Demon: Here we go
To my 'clannies': Mega demon is poking his stuff in places where he doesn't really fit.
for vizzy:
I am sure you won't like your clannies poking their stuff in others business too where they most definitely don't belong

Cheers :)
for Mega Demon:

Why are you so masochistic (or are you just thick), have you forgotten the antinatalistic thing already? I have no problem humiliating you if you want to get humiliated, if you have the galls to quip us please expect to get quipped back. I thought we had stopped this a while back, anyway its your doing not ours.

for Botmun:
I am sure you have had like 50 messages that made you post something like this, you are one of the few i have respect for please do not go out of your way to start this on our clan thread again just because someone told you something. Cheers.
members of the clan. If you speak to him he would maybe say that this was seen by himself as bullying. Personally i feel that what started as harmless mutual fun on both sides slowly became what it ended up due to detheroc's work stress etc. and how that changed his perception.

I have of course reduced my activity somewhat recently, and therefore i may have missed what others have seen. And i therefore want to reiterate that i do not accept bullying within the clan.

But that brings me onto my main point, i have discussed this with our council and they wanted to wait until we had a clear direction, however i am not sure if i am the right person to lead us there. I long for the glory days of fun that we had under basion's care.

Thats why i propose ANYONE who thinks they would like an input on the future of the clan, and help us continue our strong growth, to apply for a leadership position. By which we can vote on how we want to move forward as a collective instead of a small group.

If you wish please post on the forum your ideas for the clan and why you feel fit to lead us to new glories.

No matter what the outcome i am not giving up on our dream :)

Many thanks,
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