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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Congrats... Enjoy the success at each milestone
Maybe someone would like to join the clan? We are very active on our discord :D
30 spots free to help our push for top40!
47th place finish

3rd top 50 in a row! :D
2020-10-04 22:51: Construction of Training tent has been finalized!
Thanks to a great event score in recent events, we are celebrating with 2/3 bonuses activated. Onto the next construction and higher heights!
Many spaces available, great time to join and enjoy the event with the chat and depo ;)
Join us :D You won't regret it !
Top 50 again, GJ guys, even thou in the end was a bit worried that we gonna lose it :D
Another ball squeezing moment with the ups and downs of the top 50 ensued. What a nerve wrecking time it was. Top 50 was secured and damn does that streak of top 50s feel good
Hard earned victory!! Congrats everyone
2 new facilities!
We got extremely amazing and talented people in here, that other clans are relentlessly trying to poach them!

Join us and enjoy the attention too!
Poacher poacher cockroacher :3
Do you want to join a clan where everyone looks out for each other? Where you dont feel like just another player?!

Then look no further

We are no doubt the most interactive and united community out there.
Also we have an extensive player support system !

Our discord is really LIT !!
We are a No coup/No conspiracy/ No drama clan.

14 spots left ;) dont miss out
No drama clan.

We do have you though?

3rd facility from the sector captured!
6 facilities.
Damn that's impressive.
We do have you though

There is no escaping me ;)

Dont cancel me though :p
So proud of all of us! And of course a big thank you to AK :D
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