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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
for Leander:

Much thanks for your gracious help at the right time.
Our clan has welcomed a wave of new thieves aboard :)
) #1790 Dragon Warrior [17], phebe [13] vs #9595merlin36 [16], yashu12323 [14]- 3,000 gold awarded to lords (combat)
2) #1790 1 [14], UncleOs [13] vs #9595 Botmun [14], Vrykolakas [14]- 2,800 gold awarded to lords (combat)
3) #1790 _ [14], 2145 [14] vs #9595 Percy-Jackson [15], legend-bouc [15]- 3,000 gold awarded to lords (combat)
immoral dynasty wants you too, join to cuddle with us, we love you long time :-)
Looking for clan pvp practice :)
2020-05-30 22:26 Subdistrict Sublime Arbor-E1 with #413 Forge of glory attacked by Survilurgs: lost for 0%.

1) Survilurgs vs #9595Tony [19], Vrykolakas [14]
2) #3161Soul_calibur [20] vs #9595Murali [17], merlin36 [16]
3) #3161sikandar [14], Sorxat [17] vs #9595Elvian [14], Patou [17]
4) Survilurgs vs #9595PooDelivery [10], rohanarora [10]

That reminds some part of the history of LWM, when a rising MC was underattack, and in that time we had some huge guts without huge amount of gold, just energy, faith and some really good friends.

Have fun ID.
Well we managed to fend off the attackers, for now :)
2020-06-11 23:00: Clan has seized control over Sunny City-W1 with #332 Mithril mail factory.
Looking shortly to expand the depo with more and better artifacts, join us if you'd like to help shape a new clan :)
We will release despacito 2 when we have enchanted our secret set. Join us and help us out with the enchantments if you want us to do it.
2 new thieves !

Congrats Warrior2002 and PooDelivery :)
Reached 125 members!

Tremendous growth in the past 2 months with more than 80+ new members recruited :)
Time to celebrate this !

Something special coming up in the next few days, watch this space ;D

Its not 125 members reached dethy, its just 125 spots left for everyone else :P
Congrats!! I am very happy to see clan growing day by day.
its just 125 spots left for everyone else :P
You mean 75 spots ;)

Congrats guys :)
You mean 75 spots ;)

yeah sorry xD
it was 250 some time in the past, wasnt it? XD
Day 100 of Captains Log

We have set off to the great blue yonder with a new crew 3 months ago. Some of our recruits have proven themselves even thou living with them was hell on earth, actually a boat. Namely those individuals:

Rohanarora, his holiness and innocence has proven be our downfall, when we managed to capture royal boat of sweden occupied by swedish female dancing group. After a long night filled with getting known with swedish females and dances we found out that " his holiness Rohanarora " had his woman rescued on our only life raft and set to the shore. Under interrogation swearing that we will break his chastity belt with Warrior2002s demonic hammer, he confessed that he set the swedish maiden free because she had sick mother. His innocent blue eyes had persuaded our captain to not let him walk the plank and we only keelhauled him three times. After a thankful visit by swedish royal marine fleet delivering grateful letter from rescued maiden delivered by swedish cannons we found a new boat and Rohanarora had become first mate responsible for a poopdeck.

PooDelivery, his habit on collecting stones has proven to be another of our downfall. Collecting all rock he found he planned to sell it on market, but delivering it was just hellish nightmare. We left him unattended just for an hour on a shore and when we came back, the ship was nearly capsized. That idiot managed to load our ship by 300 tons of useless marbles so the water level was touching cannon windows below the deck. After 3 hours of clearing entire boat of the stone and telling PooDelivery if any more marbles will come on deck, we will fill his clothes with it and let him walk the plank, we had set sails again.

Sometimes i wish our recruiting first mate had not drunk too much rum.

End of log.
Rising sun above harbour city brought a daylight into this piece of land. With it also showed a gruesome sight to neighbours of one of old residents. Door to his house were open by force and nearly broken. Upon entering they found his house in chaos. All cupboards open and all wardrobes emptied in a hurry. There was probably a burglar. Most terrifying sight was in the bedroom. Floor and walls painted with blood and body of old man with his throat slit and intestines torn out of his body and laid spread across the bedroom. Authorities have been alerted and investigation started.

Upon interrogating witnesses, there was found that old man ran his mouth in a pub a night before about treasure in a far away land beyond the blue yonder. One witness recall a young man, probably a sailor as well, who was eager to listen. Young man has not been found yet.. and probably never will.

All the old man said was " There is a land called Pathegania.. down south where water turns into ice. Where two cliffs collide against each other like the clap of the sea god's hands. Down south, where birds cannot fly and where even grass is too scared to grow. There is so much shinies that your ship will sink like a rock if you try to take it all. " All of it was overheard by four great scoundrels of the sea. Those four are:

Buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan, the Scourge of Spain. A brilliant tactician, begrudgingly praised by even the Spaniards for his strategy in raiding them.

Pirate Captain Edward Teach 'Blackbeard', Devil of the Ocean. A classic cutthroat pirate, takes what he wants but with a strong morale code.

Privateer Captain Sir Francis Drake, The Dragon of Elizabeth. An explorer at heart always looking for the next challenge, aboard the golden hind was the first to circumnavigate the globe.

Pirate Captain Thomas Tew, The Ruler of the Red Sea. Raider of Indian trade ships, amasser of great wealth

They are recruiting a crew thru all lands to join them in their journey. Under which flag would you sail? Here are Captains and their first mates.

Captain Morgan - Detherocevil
First mate - loafoant

Captain Blackbeard - Basion2
First mate - PooDelivery

Captain Drake - merlin36
First mate - Elvian

Captain Tew - Warrior2002
First mate - Rohanarora

Choose your side and raise sails for a journey to the great unknown.
The clan event is to begin shortly, watch this space for more details, players (in the clan or otherwise) interested in knowing more feel free to contact :)

Ps. everyone in the clan, choose your crew, send in your preferences as soon as possible!

May the most worthy flag be raised !
There was a calm day at seas, when out of the sudden seas stared to rise and right in the middle where giant waves were forming, there rose Poseidon with his trident. His eyes looked upon the seas and waves his entrance was forming.

" Heed me oh ye land creatures!!

For millenia you have invaded my domain with your constructs you call boats! You have plundered my lands and gave me naught!! It is your time for repentance! For that i am merciful, i shall give you just one chance, humour me and my brethren with your trivial skirmishes, prove yourself to be worthy entertainers, for that's the best that the filth that you are can be, or I shall make the sea turn inside out and flush you away like tides flush away dirt out of pristine beaches!

My brethren shall only allow the finest of warlords, fiercest of defenders, skilled hunters, toughest mercenaries, most determined watchers, even skilled laborers sail their waters, for they reward both war, and fortune, enthralling just as much in each drop of blood as each coin of gold thrown their way! "

Poseidon spoke his will and then sunk beneath the surface deep into his domain again.

Now it is your turn to entertain his marine deity Poseidon himself or he will return..
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