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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Greetings everyone.

Due to work related issues Basion2 has stepped down from the clan leadership until an undisclosed time.
He has handed over the leadership to me for the time being.

But with my own issues to deal with, I do not want leadership of the clan at the moment and the members of the clan have unanimously decided to appoint another leader temporarily until Basion2 becomes active again post his work issues are dealt with to take back the leadership.

Even though this is a temporary change in leadership and Basion2 will return soon, we still have to follow military clan protocol and will be commencing nominations soon followed by voting by the clan members.

Any CLAN MEMBER who would like to run for leadership must post their application here.
Since this is only a temporary change there shouldn’t be a need for mentioning any proposals as to how they wish to run the clan.

Nominations will be accepted till 24th December 00:00 server time and post that deadline I will open the voting session.

I repeat that nominations and voting is open only to clan members of military clan #9595 immortal dynasty.
Thank you Basion2 for being an amazing leader and an overall amazing guy! We await your return :)

Also, good luck to future leaders of ID ;) looking forward to it!
Under basions leadership since the start of July, only 5 months ago, the clan has achieved so much.

We have collected enough BG to start all military clan buildings, and completed commanding post and intelligence department.

Basion has single handedly donated the 3 million gold needed to open the clan depository, in mid october, and since then has funded the purchase of

2x blade of rebirth 5x10
2x bow of midnight still 5x10
Great temporal sword 5x10
Ruby gladius 5x10
2x mithril longsword 5x10
Mithril dagger 5x10
Bow of light 5x10
Light leader sword 5x11

And under construction is a 5x10 sword of might and phoenix dagger.

This is just a small part of the huge donation by basion to have a depo full of arts that members can use at great rates. Not to mention the arts of elvian, mocos, murali and others that have also been donated :)

From a small member count we have grown slowly but the commitment of our members has allowed us to hold facilities comfortably, and since the very beginning havent struggled to fill a line.

In pvp we have held against attacks from clans such as phoenix #6396, matrix #825, and even a few lines against ukraine and the elves. And also organised the attack and defeat of #10017, after the only time we have been beaten to a capture ;)

None of this would be possible without basion's tireless work, but it is not just about the gold, our warlord mocos has created a great discord server along with sid and yashu, and its a great place to chat and enjoy the game.

No one that has joined that server and talked with basion has anything other than kind words as he really is such a great person who only ever thinks about others. And that is the reason why every single member was upset to hear that he was leaving the clan for the xmas period, because work was getting on top of him.

Real life always comes first, but none of us want to lose the chance to chat in discord, or occasionally sit in the passenger seat as he destroys both his own and your enemy with ease :)

Once a pirate captain, always a pirate captain :D
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Voting only open for members of ID]
Greetings everyone,

In light of nomination time passing and no conclusive nominations from the members, I extend the nomination posting by a day.

Nominations deadline will be eve of Christmas, 25th 00:00 in game time.

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year on behalf of all members of #9595 Immortal Dynasty! :)
While Basion enjoys his reprieve, which is rather well earned and deserved, Merlin has been an important figure in the management of affairs around the clan in his absence, Merlin has single-handedly carried us forward and on while the times were tough. He has faced a lot of problems and has never shied away from facing them. If there is one thing that i know about this clan it is that if Basion was our soul, Merlin for sure is our heart. As a wise and kind man adored by all and skilled in the art of alchemy, he has all it takes to forge our path forward.

I Igles who bears the title of Er-Telcontar, hereby Nominate merlin36 for the position of Clan Leader for Our Immortal Dynasty.

All those who feel my words resound with the feelings in your hearts Say Aye!
Nominations deadline has passed.
With this I initiate the commencement of voting session.

The voting session will end with January 1st 2020, in game time.
I vote for Merlin.

He will be a good leader for sure.
Besides he's been handling the clan extremely well during Basion's low activity or absence.
I vote for Merlin
I vote for Merlin
I vote for Merlin
I vote for Merlin as well :)
That wizard is just the best :D
Merlin all the way!
Hi, im new here. But i vote Merlin too :)
i vote merlin
I vote for Merlin
With the deadlines passed and the voting procedure complete.

All the votes are in favor of Merlin.

Hence he is elected as the leader and I'll hand over the leadership to him :)
Congratulations Merlin!
Congratulations Merlin, really excited to see what you have for us in store!

Good luck and may you lead the clan to victory in all its endeavours :D
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