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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Congratulations! :)
Only 7 free spots left ;)
Please say yes or no as to whether you would like to see basion be returned to leader
If he's free and can resume everything back to normal like how it was

If he is free of irl stress then yesssss
If you perform all the functions that are required ...
That's it yes
Congratulations Merlin! Long may you reign
Looking for a trainee smith! Free invite and plenty of artifacts to repair :)
Weekly defence rewards sent :) Because of the event and increased income towards the end of the week, the rewards were 750 gold per win. Hopefully this week we can reach close to our record of 1100 bonus gold per win, which is on top of the standard 100*CL.

The idea is that the gold the clan earns from daily income, is split fully to the defenders, so the more we earn from trading, the more we earn from defending. 2700 gold per win at lvl16 not bad when defnece is easy with 1 enchant :)
Christmas is officially over, how's the new logo?
Love it!! We can see the pirate symbol clearly now! Good job!
Nice new logo. You've come a long way.
thanks mate :D . Merlin did a very good job <3
The pirate hunt is over!

Damn!... I ran out of pirates to kill, so I came here!
Seems all the pirates ran away ;)
Not many members to go to reach 50 now :)
[Post deleted by moderator Meshy // Flood]

Even when not interested in joining our clan, at least join our chat!

Mostly someone is always online to talk with :)

Can have fun with bots or with Igles ;)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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