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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Great opportunity if you want to make a difference and feel like youre part of growing a new clan. It may not be easy but its rewarding to tick off the milestones!:)
Due to the portal event, and the small amount of defences last week, each win earned the player a bonus 1.8k gold from clan income :) Enjoy!
Im glad to say that basion has returned to take leadership of the clan. Since everyone posted that they are happy for him to return as leader i have transferred it over! I hope we can continue the great work we have already started!:)
Welcome back leader ♥️😍🔥
Basion2 is back!! <3

Welcome back bro!
Only 2 free spots left ;)
2020-02-10 14:26 Subdistrict Shining Spring-N4 with #230 Dragonwing works attacked by Survilurgs: lost for 100%., currently defending...

1) ninjagomaster [18], Ektoras [18] vs [empty]- destroyed for 45%.
2) Mega Demon [15], ninjagomaster [18] vs [empty]- destroyed for 45%.
3) Ektoras [18], vrancea [20] vs [empty]- destroyed for 45%.
Your point is?
for Ektoras:

The point is that we lost a facility. Plain and simple :3. I mean you attacked it so...... i donít think that you don't get the point but i can be wrong.


I wish you good fortune in the wars to come.
Of course not with us, we don't attack .com clans. I was talking about the war looming at your gates.
Wasn't SS mines EFL's at first place and let you have them for the BG's till war is over?
I guess more like let anyone have them as they couldnt afford to fight over 3 full sectors. But yeah this helped us, and we also helped them by keeping them safe and returning them without fighting whenever asked so mutual benefit i would say?
well, thanks.
Lol the passive aggressiveness in these posts...

Anyways, thanks EFL for letting us keep these 2 facilities for a while!
Hey Elvian :) i see it the same!
So anyways, thanks Immortal Dynasty for keeping them safe for a while and gl in future
50 members :)
What is next for the guild? We are going to continue to stock the depository with cheap items for events and clan battles. And are looking for an opportunity to win ourselves a facility or two :)
Another free spot has become available :)
2020-02-29 02:00: #9595 #9595 Immortal Dynasty has seized control over Sublime Arbor-E2 with facility #414 Galoshes workshop.

Contending clans:

1) #9595 #9595 Immortal Dynasty - 13 victories.
Hear hear
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