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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
" All aboard ye scurvy dogs! " This shout pierced the calmness of the day in the harbour. It was the time that pirates were boarding the ship. Crew wasted no time, took no rest and boarded ships loaded with stuff. Last look at shore.. and there it was! Ships sailed into the Great Unknown! The war with the seas has begun!!
The first clan event begins !

PvE phase under way till 24/7/2020 ! :D
The start of a long journey? :)

020-07-15 19:11: Capacity increased: +10 artifact slots for 500000 gold // merlin36.
Greetings everyone.

Due to work related issues I have decided to step down from the clan leadership until an undisclosed time.

Even though this is a temporary change in leadership and I will return soon, we still have to follow military clan protocol and will be commencing nominations soon followed by voting by the clan members.

Any CLAN MEMBER who would like to run for leadership must post their application here.

Nominations will be accepted till 30th July 00:00 server time and post that deadline I will open the voting session.
and voting will be open for next 4 days till 4 August 00:00 server time :)
I repeat that nominations and voting is open only to clan members of military clan #9595 immortal dynasty.
On behalf of the officers team i would like to present the nomination of player merlin36.

Merlin36 has run the operations for a long time while those above were bogged down in IRL stuff and had no time for us. He has been helpful to young ones and kept us all in shape, so therefore i think that merlin is the guy who should take over while basion will manage his personal life.
Nominating Merlin36 for leader.

He's contributed so much to the clan and no one works as hard as him.
Also he has such a wonderful personality and it would be a delight for all of us to serve under him.
Congratulatons to New leader !:)
Long Live the King and Immortal Dynasty
Best of luck :)
Congrats Merlin!
I vote for Merlin, late but i do and i wish you the best for this new "official" role in the MC. I ll try to help as much as possible

Best wishes.

The old Pat.
Seas have been rough that day.. and little our captains knew that it would come worse. Poseidon has been displeased, when there came terrible bellow from within depths of the ocean

" You puny worms! Is this all you can do?! I shall wash you away from the surface of the earth!! "

And with those words seas started churning and raging. Huge waves started bashing onto shores. Huge maelstroms started forming in oceans and terrible storms were raging all around blue horizon. There was no rest until twelfth day.

On twelfth day seas calmed down as Poseidons rage dissipated, however damages have been done. Shores were washed clean of all things humans have done. Sea beds were filled with boats maelstroms swallowed not to mention thousands of mariners who have perished due to rage of god.

However our four captains and their crew survived. Now when seas were cleared of all weaklings, it is time to reclaim the superiority over whole blue yonder!!
Enlisting now for PvP battles of the War for Sea Supremacy

Everyone ping their captains and let them know what kind of blood you'd like to spill!
The Red skinned captain Tew, Warrior2002 brashly challenged Pirate Captain Blackbeard, PooDelivery and duly had his armies thumped in battle.

thus began the war and first blood was drawn by the Devils of the Ocean, seizing another 1% of sea territory.

Captain PooDelivery completed a clean 2-0 (in a best of 3), as Warrior2002 takes cover and recoups, until next time

Battle links :


With their Captain Tew Warrior2002 falling at the hands of Blackbeard PooDelivery, rohanarora and Azizander stormed towards the fleets commanded by cool_knight and urdit kapoor, only to lose out and having to cede further control of the seas to the Blackbeards control

Battle link :


Meanwhile PooDelivery himself continued his killing spree and challenged Loafoant, winning 2-1 in an extremely close matchup, gaining further waters for the Blackbeards

Battle links :

(1-0 to Poo)


(2-1, Poo wins)

The Blackbeard's invincibility was finally broken by yashu12323, who managed to claim the scalp of Igles, marking the first foray of The Scourge of Spain, Captain Morgan's Crew into the battlefield

Battle link :

Seas were painted red yet again. Combined fleet of first mate Rohanarora and his lackey Azizander cowardly ambushed first mate DetherocEvil and slaugheterd his crew. Crew of capain Tew grabbed yet another part of the ocean to their grasp.

Battle link:


Not quite sated Tew crew went yet for another ambush. This time Alacryte had met with Pempek and they waged a bloody battle. After the battle Pempek had to retreat and recover. Tew crew claimed yet another part of an endless oceans.

Battle link:


Meanwhile Blackbeard got hungry for power and his crew as well. This time fleet of Urdit went for a kill. First enemy who came into his sight, was Hayate Army. They both clashed their swords and battled mercilessly. Hayate Army however picked a shorter straw and had to retreat beaten to a pulp. Another part of the ocean grabbed by Blackbeard.

Battle link:


Urdits bloodlust was not sated however and he sighted yet another ship on a horison. Ship commandeered by buccaneer Wubuffet. Urdit however found his nemesis as he was demolished by Wubufetts cannons and therefore had lost his crew and ship. Drakes crew claimed part of the ocean from grasp of angry Blackbeard.

Battle links:

https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1079148108&html5=1 1:0
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=1079161204&html5=1 2:0
Drowned in maddening lust for more seas, Captain Drake brought in mercenaries, the famed pirate Murali, who had long been only known in legend, but even he was not enough to beat the combined forces of Igles from the Blackbeard and Loafoant from the Morgan crew, who joined hands for once to thwart the attempt at stealing their waters.

Battle link :


Meanwhile the Tew crew continued their resurgence, with Cronical_of_elf claiming yet another scalp in the form of HAYATE ARMY, who had to cede more seas still in a desperate bid to save his life.

Battle link :

Greetings Immortal Dynasty,

The defence rankings have been updated for July

A big thank you and congratulations to Warrior2002 and yashu12323 who both reached a century of victories for the clan this month, becoming the 4th and 5th members to achieve this.

Also a special mention for PooDelivery, who sped past his half century of victories by ammassing a huge 30 victories this month.

There is also now a tie for the most defences without tasting defeat, as legend-bouc has been joined by Vrykolakas on 34 wins without loss!

Finally welcome to the ranks for a few new faces!


Many thanks to everyone who has joined in the defences this month, we really appreciate the effort in helping grow this clan. We are looking to gain a sector in the near future, so there could be plenty more opportunities to improve your ranking! ;)

At long last, Captain Blackbeard PooDelivery had his winning streak satiated, as another undead from the crew of Morgan's, Vrykolakas managed to end his spree and claim more sea for his struggling crew

Battle link :


The Blackbeards could not be stopped for long though, as cool_knight won back the lost territory from the Morgan crew by splitting open the head of Loafoant in a fell swoop

Battle link :


cool_knight then continued his press for more command over the waters, as he also beat merlin36 (as Caligula) and claimed yet more territory, further extending the Blackbeard lead and their claim to be the most dominant force on the seas.

Battle link :

" We have to stop that devil!! He has taken too much of his seas! " Cracked voice of captain Morgan was heard in this room. There was not much of a trouble to get captains Tew, Drake and Morgan into one room after they oversaw what that dreaded devil BlackBeard was doing. He was getting out of control and was claiming an inch after inch of that infinite blue yonder. Three captains have put away their grudges, when captain Drake spoke up " I saw his fleet head towards Isla de Treinta Porciento. We can ambush him there while he is on shore. we will scuttle his ships and then kill him on shore. " Tew and Morgan instantly liked this idea. They knew that without ships Blackbeard has nowhere to run. " However i sense that his first mate and his second mate are there too. It will be tough fight, ut i am sure we have enough force to crush him. "

Three captains dispersed after the plan was finalized. They then have set sails to their home harbours to fill their ranks with bloodlusty crews ready to finish captain Blackbeard for good. Blackbeard was on a killing spree. He was decimating crews of all other sailors, he had to be destroyed.

They set sails and headed to Isla de Treinta Porciento, but their plan was faltering. Tews ship was caught in storm, so he was seriously lacking in speed. However two remaining captains went ahead. Few hours later they saw the island and they saw Blackbeards ships. Few orders given and barrage of shells had sank ships without resistance. Blackbeard was not prepared for ambush and had to retreat to the forest.
Drake and Morgan had unloaded at shore and went to chase Blackbeard, who was retreating deep into the island. On their chase they encountered wild tribe. Drake knew tribal customs and language, so he began recruiting tribe to join them in their hunt. he knew that Tew might be late so he had to improvise. Tribal leader agreed after short negotiations. Drake and Morgan were impressed by sheer power the tribe had. They instantly knew that they had found a miracle, because these tribal warriors were in such a great shape and they were willing to destroy any unholy beings invading their safe haven. They have spotted Blackbeard earlier and they instantly knew that he is a threat. And now they have enough force to drive him out. Therefore combined pirate and tribal armies went onto hunt for Blackbeard.

" Our ships have been destroyed and we are lacking nutritions. " Said the first mate demoralised by recent events. Blackbeard looked at him with cold stare " Rally our men and prepare them for fight. Victor will sail on unscuttled ships. " First mate looked stunned at BlackBeard " But.. " " They think we are prey, but they will pay for sinking our ships. " First mate had shaken off the astonishment and went on rallying armies.
Drake, Morgan and Tribal had finally found Blackbeard. he was already rallied and ready for fight. However first hit was delivered by Morgan. His firebirds had flown straight into line of dreadlords and delivered nearly fatal blow. Morgan and Drake had smiled. Things were looking good. Second mate Igles was quick to response by scaring birds off his captains army, but damage was already done. Drake meanwhile was advancing towards armies of Blackbeards first mate and Tribal was advancing towards right wing which was held by second mate Igles. Morgan then sent his boar riders, who stormed into lines of Blackbeards Death Envoys and in one powerful charge they have completely destroyed them. " Not much of an attacker are ye on shore, ole Blackbeard?! " Yelled overconfident Morgan towards Blackbeard. Blackbeards face was stone cold. No emotions, but his first mate Cool Knight knew that situation is very grim, when Blackbeards fists clenched. And clenched they were. Second mate Igles was worried too. Blackbeard looked upon the battlefield. his dreadlords crippled and Death Envoys destroyed. He sent rest of his dreadlords forward and his poltergeists to kill boar riders. Dreadlords did deliver a blow, but poltergeists were struck hard with retailiation strike and nearly finished off too. Blackbeard then looked onto his demiliches, unclenched his fists and demiliches in unison stared chanting unholy rites. Lines of dreadlords were suddenly filled with new fresh numbers and second wind came into their undead lungs. With that they flew into lines of behemots and in one powerful strike they had struck them down. This angered Morgan so much.he sent his ogre fighters to strike down damned dreadlords but he mnaaged to cripple them and throw them 10 meters away. Blackbeard started chanting himself when his shattered ranks of poltergeists trippled their current numbers and finished off those boar riders. However on the right wing held by second mate Igles his dwarven troops had met with tribal. Tribals had shown that they will be tough encounter. And left wing, captain Drake came into crushing armies of wizard Cool Knight, and was partially successful, however in the middle Blackbeard was slowly getting upper hand over Morgan, who was starting to realise that he spoke too soon.
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