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[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty


Author[Military Clan] #9595 Immortal Dynasty
Right wing offense by tribal was crushing thru lines of Igles and Drakes troops had reached lines of Cool Knights mages when they started delivering death upon them. Cool Knight however was retaliating with powerfull defense shattering fireballs as Igles was. And then Blackbeard came in again, actually his demiliches. One platoon has blown a fresh wind yet again into dreadlords lungs, when they flew deep into Drakes lines and killed off wyverns, weakened by fireball trying to defend shamans and goblins prepared for sacrifice. Another chant and Death Envoys were back up and ready to kill. And they were marching towards angered Morgan, who had recently lost another of his powerful units, namely firebirds, struck down by Iglesses loose bear riders. He had to deal with yet anothe problem. Cool Knights genies were getting closer. Tribal leader sensed that Morgan is going down, so he sent his cyclop to help them, but Blackbeards poltergeists have come in and killed him. Morgan had sent his orc savages to kill off genies, in which he succeeded, but then Blackbeard came in again. He started chanting unholy rites and Death Envoys had risen yet again to ranks nearly full. Refreshened by those unholy rites they flew in and in one swipe they have killed orcs. Tables have definitely turned in the middle.

Right wing however was another story. Igles was decimated by tribal forces of leader of locals. His only troops which remained, were bear riders, who were near the left wing, where they were ready to kill shaman lines of Drake. Cool Knight was also in peril. His back lines had been shattered. Only troops he had, were few sphynxes and legions of gargoyles. " If gargoyles will go down, i have nothing else to help you, captain. " " Pull them out in the middle of Morgans lines. " Replied Blackbeard with cold voice looking upon the battlefield. " But they will dispatch them. " Cool knight objected. But second mate Igles quickly retorted " We will make sure that this will not happen. " Cool Knight looked upon Blackbeard and Igles and went ahead. Blackbeard then sent his Death Envoys to kill ogres, last remains of Morgans army. Attack was partially successful and retailiatory strike was hard. Death Envoys however survived halved by the strike. he then sent dreadlords to kill off goblins of Drake. With stroke of luck just 3 of them survived the relentless assault and managed to run off. However ogres were not that lucky, as Blackbeard chanted yet again and raised his poltergeists yet again and finished off ogres and Morgans army altogether. Now the situation was looking really grim for Morgan and Drake. Tribal leader also realised the desperation and ordered his shamans to pelt the Blackbeard crew with powerful chain lightnings.
" All armies to the left wing. We will finish off Drake, then we can toy with that tribal bastard. " Said Blackbeard. Both his mates nodded and then it was Drakes turn to receive fatal blow. However his commanders were still on the field decimating back lines of Blackbeards demiliches and skeletons. Little that he knew that they were of no further use as Blackbeard had already used their full potential. Drake also managed to kill off Cool Knights Sphynxes, but he knew now, that the situation was very grim. He went with remaining armies of tribal commander to finish off rest of combined Blackbeards crew, who was closing in on tribals shamanas and their sacrificial goblins. Blackbeard however himself being open to his comrades " My armies have been seriously battered. If one more spell comes in and hits me, i cannot help you more. " However on the battlefield the situation was greatly in favor of Blackbeards crew, when Blackbeard had used again his unholy rites to raise perished poltergeists to finally kill sacrificial goblins. Cool Knight was first to reach them with his spell, which had decimated their ranks. Blackbeard had no problem to finish them off, however that was his last move as shamans now resorted into melee fight and in just two swipes finished off his poltergeists and then dreadlords. Blackbeards army was eliminated. But now Iglesses remaining bear riders and Cool Knights gargoyles were ready to kill those shamans. Tribal commander had ordered his shamans to hold the ground while he was ready to leave himself to the village to prepare for an ambush. Shamans fought bravely, but they succumbed to the force of gargoyles, Bear riders and Cool Knights magic. Cool Knight and Igles were elated, they managed to beat really tough adversaries, when Blackbeard came towards them, put his hands on their shoulders and said in cold tone " Rally the remains and seize ships of Drake and Morgan. " Cool knight and Igles were confused " Why? we just crushed Drake and Morgan!! We can seize the island and seas enveloping it! " Cool Knight said. " Not with Tew approaching and our armies in this shape. " Cool Knight looked upon Blackbeard, Igles and armies or what was left of them. He realised quickly that Blackbeard was right and therefore they started preparing to seize Morgans and Drakes prize ships.
Nearly an hour later Drakes and Morgans ships have raised new flag, flag of Devil of the Ocean and sailed towards home harbour of Blackbeard. Morgan and Drake were licking their wounds, mainly Morgan his shattered ego, when Tew finally arrived. He was one day late. One crucial day. Local tribal leader helped to load ship of Tews with resources needed to survive, but then he sent them off to not disturb his safe haven again. Isla de Treinta Porciento was spared. For now.

( Thanks to all who participated in this battle, there is link to actually see the replay


we thank the random to join us even thou at first glance we and especially i was quite hostile of his AP advantage.

And addendum, this was not clan event battle, but still it was worth of highlight )
Greetings fellow pirates, as the first skirmish within the war for sea supremacy draws to a close, here are the results.

The sea percentage controlled by the crews are as follows :

Captain BlackBeard (Devils of the Ocean) : 30%
Captain Tew (Rulers of the Red Sea) : 26%
Captain Morgan (Scourge of Spain) : 22%
Captain Drake (Dragons of Elizabeth) : 22%

The crews will proceed to loot the seas they control and find every last bit of treasure within it, before they begin to look at each other with grimaces, drawing their swords and ready to spill more blood!

NOTE : Any suggestions are most welcome for the next clan event, which shall begin next weekend, till then, charge up your batteries :D

May the War Rage On!
Greetings pirates!

As the great pirate captains prepare once again to launch into each other at full force, they check to see who amongst their ranks is worthy of leading the forces and winning them waters, while managing to defend them from the creatures belonging to the sea, before once again locking horns and exchanging blows like there is no tomorrow.

The clan event again resumes, in it's second format.

Each individual will score points on the basis of :

a) Mystery Mission Event.
b) Defenses.

Both will be considered in terms of the crew in a percentage wise fashion.

DURATION : The PvE part lasts till 26th August inclusive, after which we begin PvP along the same lines as held previously. Card games will also be added this time

There is of course a prize pool and small tokens of appreciations for crossing certain levels, as mentioned in the clan mail ;)

PS. Do not rerun battles you cant seem to crack. If stuck on any level, please feel free to :

a) Check : http://daily.heroeswm.ru/leader_rogues.php
It has battle links of all levels with potential setups and setups of enemy

b) Hop onto discord, everyone is willing to help and available there, we can even arrange a walkthrough sort of battle where someone assists you if need be.

c) Message your captain/first mate for assistance, or just anyone who is doing the event, everyone will be glad to help.

Do the event, do it well, let's do ourselves proud!

(WARNING : DO NOT WASTE GOLD by repeating same thing over and over again if you can't win, or if you are stuck, ask for help! If still not possible to win, better to quit without losses!)

May the pirate flag soar high!
The War is ON again!
Drake ftw
As the second wave of the war goes on, and the PvE part comes to a close, here are the Sea control percentages of the various crews :

Blackbeard (Devils of the Ocean) : 32.95%
Drake (Dragons of Elizabeth) : 28.95%
Tew (Rulers of the Red Sea) : 20.85%
Morgan (Scourge of Spain) : 17.25%

PvP goes live tomorrow!
Watch this space for links and updates :D
First day of event and there was already blood spilled.

Blackbeard started in shady inn with Tews first mate Rohanarora. This time the duel was by cards. After long game Blackbeard had won the game.


Blackbeard however was not done yet. Blackbeard hooked up with his first mate Cool Knight and they sailed to seek dreaded captain Drake. They dispatched him and engaged him in bloody battle. Captain drake was defeated and had to retreat.


Cool Knight sensed the oportunity and tried to humiliate captain Drake even more by beating him in cards. However Drake either had shady trumps in his pocket, or the rotten luck has looked upon him, he managed to defeat Cool knight.


Blackbeard after defeating Drake went for another conquest. His eyes spotted ships of buccaneers Rohanarora and Azizander. He engaged them, but shared fate with Cool Knight and was beaten by those two brave buccaneers.


Even thou those battles were bloody, the map stays the same. Only lives of bloodthirsty sailors paint the sea.
With the Blackbeards control daunting every other crew, and belittling their powers, pirates TheNoobieOne from Drake's crew and rohanarora from Tew's, decided to join forces and ambush cool_knight, dispatching him and claiming their shares of the spoils.


However, down to their true nature, once done with a common enemy, both turned on each other and swiped for blood, with rohanarora defeating TheNoobieOne and claiming more territory for his crew and sailing away into the sunset as today's battles concluded.

Well done to all members who contributed to the clan's first top 50 event placing :)
Woohoo! Well done to everyone who participated, even if they disliked the event :)
congratulations to us! A well deserved achievement:D
Nice job guys , congratz :)
Congratulations everyone, we did it together :D

@vicky , @grif : thank you so much guys :)
Congrats to you guys. Go on, next goal top 40. You have a good future ahead of you. Do not stop.
Congrats :)
Amazing work everyone !
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this feat.
Wouldnt have been possible without all the combined efforts.

Thank you Vicky,grif,mellor,rikudo.

Hopefully this is just the beginning and we shall push more in the future events !
Congratulations everyone :)
Nice job guys , congratz
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