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Got any clue how many turns does Khervest need to reach it's maximum potential each fight?
There is no need to make the fights last longer than they need to be...
yea i would be interested 2
mine have 2 shoots but no shooter ability.
The storyline is so sloppy this time. Been like this since level 2?

Imperial Intelligence reports several smuggling caravans approaching. Everyone into position! One of them certainly wont get away! Or even a couple will manage to be captured...
Link to dark elf


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Cool link. I can use it to check my new abilities after each battle and before the next one.
for bp99:

I think the writer is tired after the endless waves of story in the last previous events hahah!
There is some story bound to happen thou)
Are you guys going dark or chaos?

I've gotten earthen spikes and some initiative (probably for waiting)

Does the character get speed from moving? Would it be worth it?

Or do we get defend by defending? :P
for Supercampione:
Does the character get speed from moving? Would it be worth it?

Or do we get defend by defending? :P

As far as I can see (I've done 20 fights), it will get better in what it's doing, being it attack, cast spells, wait(gets ini), or move (gets speed).
Are you guys going dark or chaos?

Dark. Caravans start in a perfect 4x4 square. Just need to get that initiative up! Chaos might or might not be useful depending on how damage scales.

Does the character get speed from moving? Would it be worth it?

Yes and no.

Or do we get defend by defending? :P

Probably. Getting hit also helps.

after 40 fights.
100% useless for now
hey latvisu how do u make that picture u just posted
for Issy404:when you go to smugglers event page you can view your dark elf on the left, he just copy paste the link like so https://www.lordswm.com/army_info.php?name=darkelf&evcrc=7456198.6a6d79
What type armament this time? Pure attack or magic type?
Which faction is good for this event other than knight?
Dark elf is main force other than that i thin necro and elf
Is this DE considered insufficiently developed after 40 battles? I'm heading toward the dark one simply because using magic arrows with 10-20 damages "kills" me more than the enemy.


Miserable A & D, speed still 3, initiative only 8.4. I really lack the patience to keep the enemy alive to squeeze the max development :(
How on earth did you get him to 12 initiative :O
I don't have the patience to improving Kh'Everest -.- All battles get over quickly.

any idea how to clear level 19 with cart hp of 15300 ??


this is how i failed any suggestions
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