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I agree extra battles in events are quite expensive and not worth doing I was in a gold drain of about 3k gold per battle. The only upside is getting creatures from reward I guess and a good item (hopefully) which pays off. Also helps if ur clan supplements top players with gold.

Should be 100 battles max including extra levels and if paired event then 50 battles max cuz thats hella cancer mate
renting adventure set is also expensive last 2 event i dropped from 480k to 120k

how much gold u need u think to fully enchant heaven set? without jewwelery 6-8mil gold ?

u know they make it imposble to pass a sertain lv with shop arti only one sertain lv shop arty lv had more meat than enchanted :)
Next migh leader guild or pirate event :)
Dungeon caves or Unity event :P
Leader event is long overdue
Leader event is long overdue
Can't wait for it. Need that 100 dura art and that event is real fun. :)
Need that 100 dura art
You won't get it, you're a noob.
If anyone is expecting anything other than a pvp tournament youre going to be deeply disappointed
Lets not act like we know which event is next. Admin might not even know themself. Not even translators know it.

Just no FFA please
Just no FFA please
With all these FFA, I see you at SG9 in no time. ;)
if a pvp event comes usually not a lot of people who play . half way that event usually Leg event :)
Yeah, true. 5 out of last 6 events were clan events. That's why, this one might be a non-clan event. So Dungeon caves? :)
It's cloak this time, so we can expect shield, axe , backpack and ring (at last).
Cloak for FFA.. well done admins..
Some how managed to sell off for 250k
Admins scared us lol. I was 150k down. Sold cloak for 120k. Still 30k loss. -_-
Admins scared us lol
Admins scammed* us...
Still 30k loss. -_-
That's a bigger achievement than clearing 100lvls -_-

last 2 event i dropped from 480k to 120k
this is more relatable xD
120k artifact for clearing 100 levels. We got robbed so hard. My artifact wasnt even worth 15k. I just discarded the useless thing. Such a waste of time
i dont consider the tg points for this exp/fsp ratio to be a "waste"
10x better them the 10k exp to .8 fsp that theifing gives normally
Received 100000 Gold from :

Ak never fails to reward well :p
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